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Product Highlights
Measurements: 9‰Ûª wide by 4‰Ûª long or 9' wide by 6' long mat
Features a 300,000-shot guarantee that comes with the Fiberbuilt Grass
4 tee holes are included in the center hitting section
Comes in On-Course green color that is easy to assemble
Provides ideal configuration for optical launch monitors like SkyTrak, TrackMan, and FlightScope

Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Mat


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Product Information

Fiberbuilt Launch Monitor Studio Golf Matpbs2069-4.jpg

This studio mat is one of our most popular products! This golf mat accommodates both left handed and right handed golfers with its center hitting strip. The center hitting strip allows you to place any launch monitor one time and measure down the line, without having to move it back and forth for left handed or right handed golfers. The studio mat is comprised of two 4′ x 4′ Performance Turf Stance Mats, 1 strip of genuine Fiberbuilt Grass, complete with 4 tee holes and Fiberbuilt’s unique performance foundation (rubber frame and EPS Pods). The Performance Turf allows you to place a tee anywhere, and the foundation provides you a realistic feel underfoot. Get all the durability and performance of Fiberbuilt for both your left handed and right handed golfer in one beautiful golf mat.


  • Fiberbuilt Grass (nylon) for your center hitting strip
  • 2 Performance Turf stance mats
  • Rubber Frame
  • EPS Pods

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