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Garmin fenix 5S

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Garmin fenix 5S Multisport GPS Watch


There are no limits to what you can achieve in a single day with the fenix 5S. Go far with the smaller-sized GPS multisport watch with wrist-based heart rate, performance metrics and interchangeable QuickFit bands.

What's Included in the Box?

  • fenix 5S or fenix 5S Sapphire
  • Extra silicone QuickFit 20 watch band (Sapphire Version only)
  • Charging/data cable
  • Documentation

Product Information

Garmin Fenix 5S Sports Watch

Designed For Female Athletes

The Garmin fenix 5S Sports Watch is the most versatile, stylish GPS watch and performance tracking device for trail running, swimming, cycling & more! Shop now!



About the Garmin fenix 5S

The most complete fitness device available has evolved; this time with women in mind! The Garmin fenix 5S sports watch is the premium multi-sport GPS watch designed to be the most versatile, stylish performance tracking device ever created; no matter if you're trail running, swimming laps, cycling, skiing in the mountains or anything in between, the fenix 5 will be right with you every step of the way, providing the most advanced fitness metrics and tracking information available today.

With a new, slimmer design, standard wrist-based heart rate monitoring on all units and a new QuickFit interchangeable bands system - the fenix 5S has taken its revolutionary predecessor (fenix 3) to the next level. In addition to its upgrades, the fenix 5S has retained the line's best legacy features including GPS/GLONASS satellite reception (for the most accurate readings, even under thick cover), advanced fitness metrics (heart rate, VO2 max, cadence etc), smart notifications and multi-sport activity profiles. The fenix 5S is unequivocally the ultimate device to fulfill both your aesthetic and athletic desires.

Garmin fenix 5S All Colors


Wrist-Based Heart Rate (with Flush Sensor)

Keeping track of your step count and sleeping habits is important, but most fitness experts will agree that in order to truly get a sense of how your training is going, you need to be in tune with how your heart is doing. The fenix 5S comes with wrist-based heart rate monitoring standard, a nice feature that doesn’t force you to sport a chest strap, too. With heart rate monitoring, you can more accurately track your calories burned information and make sure you’re pushing your ticker each time you train.

The new heart rate sensor is also flush with the back of the watch (as opposed to the fenix 3 sensor which protruded slightly) allowing for maximum comfort.

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QuickFit Interchangeable Bands

The Garmin fenix 5S sports watch has an offering of 22 different premium leather, metal or silicone bands making it easier than ever to mix and match for any sports, activity or event.

The new QuickFit system allows you to simply 'pop' off the band and 'snap' on a new one! No more messing around with screwdrivers and microscopic screws.

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Slimmed Down Design 


Functionality is crucial, but a fitness watch isn’t complete without the perfect look and feel. Fortunately, the fenix 5S series comes in a variety of models to match any size wrist and style choice, all of which are noticeably thinner and lighter than the fenix 3, especially the 5S. From the watch’s finishes to several different band options - from silicone to stainless steel - the fenix 5S can pull off just about any look

Custom Apps and Watch Faces

Along with the ability to customize the look of the fenix 5S with different watch bands, users can take advantage of free downloads from the Connect IQ store, letting you change your watch face, add data fields or get widgets for information at just a glance. You can even customize your watch with any photo from your smartphone. And while you’re working hard to improve your fitness, the fenix 5S is working, too. Garmin is connecting with top companies and developers to build partnerships that add value to your fenix 5S watch. The goal is to make the fenix 5S the ultimate watch to fit your lifestyle.



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Multi-Sport Activity Profiles - Running, Cycling, Skiing, Golf and More!

One of the best features of the fenix 5S is the fact that it’s not just for running and hiking. Fans of sports like swimming, skiing and paddle sports can enjoy the fenix 5S on the slopes, in the pool and even the ocean.

For swimmers, the watch tracks distance, pace, stroke count and more. Setting the watch in Ski/Board mode puts speed, distance, vertical drop and a run counter into your time on the slopes, while those interested in paddle boarding can track stroke count, stroke rate and even distance per stroke.

Are you a fan of golf? No need to worry. The fenix 5S gives you yardage to the front, back and middle of the green for any course you’ve downloaded and boasts additional stat tracking, Green View and AutoShot detection.

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Advanced Performance Metrics & Running Dynamics

Gone are the days of using a simple pedometer or heart rate monitor during your training. The fenix 5S is an information supernova. With this device, you’ll get detailed readouts for Training Status and Training Effect that show both aerobic and anaerobic benefits of your workout, meaning you can directly see how your workouts are paying off and compare your stats against your friends. The VO2 max estimator sounds complicated, but with this feature, your fenix 5S crunches data, including running speed, beats per minute and consistent heart rate. You can even track your recovery times to help you cool down faster and maximize your workout.

Running Dynamics

If you’re a runner, this device is a dream. Along with tracking the basic stats during a run (steps taken, calories burned), the fenix 5S takes it four steps further. With Performance condition, the fenix 5S will compare your real-time condition to your average fitness levels after running for 6-20 minutes. Lactate threshold uses your pace and heart rate to estimate the point where your muscles start to rapidly reach fatigue, while Stride length shows your stride in real time.

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Chroma Display - Unbeatable Readability in Any Conditions

Along with having an impressive 1.2” watch face, the fenix 5S boasts a full-color Chroma Display with LED backlighting. This will ensure you can read all of the information shown on the watch - from golf course layouts, your resting heart rate and even that work email you “forgot” to respond to - even on the sunniest days. The Sapphire editions also feature a scratch-resistant sapphire lens as well as being Wi-Fi enabled so you can connect almost anywhere.

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Brand New Color Options

The fenix 5S brandishes some stunning colors in its six-watch line (and don't forget that you'll have 22 different interchangeable bands to choose from as well!):

  • Carrera White Band with White Face
  • Turquoise Band with Silver Face
  • Black Band with Silver Face

Garmin fenix 5S All Colors


The features really do seem to never end! Here's a few more:

GPS/GLONASS Satellite Reception

There’s nothing more frustrating than being somewhere where your device doesn’t work. And with some GPS watches, you might run into that exact situation on a run through the woods or in another remote location. The fenix 5S, however, not only uses GPS but also GLONASS satellite reception, allowing the device to more easily and reliably track your activity, even in the most challenging locations. Oh, and don’t worry if your plans include water. The Garmin fenix 5S is water-rated up to 100 meters.

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ABC Sensors - Altimeter, Barometer, Compass

In addition to GPS, the fenix 5S has ABC sensor capabilities, better known as Altimeter, Barometer, and Compass. The altimeter provides elevation data to monitor ascent and descent, while the barometer shows short-term trends in air pressure and can actually be used to predict weather changes! the compass, meanwhile, makes sure your adventure stays on point and the days of being lost on the trail are long gone.

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Garmin Connect - Stay Connected!

The Garmin fenix 5S smart watch allows you to receive all of your smart notifications, including emails, text messages and other alerts right on your watch. And with the help of Garmin Connect and Garmin Connect mobile applications, you can post your results to various social media platforms to send out that latest 'humble brag' to your followers.

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