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Comes preloaded with more than 37,000 global courses
Lightweight, slim design makes it extremely portable
Features digital scorecard on 4" LCD display

Golf Buddy PT4 Handheld Golf GPS

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Features multiple views of the green, including Dynamic Green View

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Product Information

Golf Buddy PT4 GPS

The most advanced golf GPS in the palm of your hands

golfbuddy-pt4-view.jpgGolfBuddy is in the business of transforming your golf game with its new PT4 handheld GPS unit. The device features a crisp display, a responsive touchscreen and sleek design, all of which will serve you well on the golf course. 

But that’s just the look. The new unit also carries many new features that make the device a necessary asset for any golfer looking to have his or her best day on the course. Check out some of the features of the PT4:

37,000+ Preloaded Courses
The GPS comes equipped with more han 37,000 courses from around the world. You can just go play, without having to worry about downloading courses to the device.

Dynamic Views of the Green
See the entire green in a clean color display. See the distance to the pin, and to the front and center of the green on one screen. With the PT4 in Dynamic Green View, you can see multiple views of the green, helping you create your plan of attack before teeing off. In Play Mode, you can see an overview of the hole, with distance measurements and more. You can also view the Enhanced Green View for an even more comprehensive survey of the green.


Targets & Hazards View
Never be blindsided by a hazard! The PT4 shows you an overview of the hole, including distances to the various hazards and obstacles. Prepare your shot, then go!

Movable Pin Placement
Certain GPS units do not offer movable pin placement, but the PT4 does! This guarantees that you can line up a more accurate shot every, single time you golf. The feature is easy to use on the user-friendly touchscreen and large display.

Automatic Course and Hole Recognition
Stop wasting time fiddling around with your device on the course. Just turn on your device, and you’re all set, thanks to the PT4’s automatic course and hole recognition.

Statistics Analysis Module and Digital Scorecard
You can keep track of your scores with the device’s digital scorecard, which stays stored in your device and logs your various times on the course. The PT4’s score-tracking module also keeps track of up to four players’ scores.

4” LCD High-Resolution Display and Touch Control
Sure, all of the PT4 features sound amazing. But what makes them really stand out is that they’re all available on the device’s 4” color TFT LCD display screen. Views of the green are clear and crisp, and the four-inch display makes the device easy to use.

The touchscreen is responsive and allows user to easily maneuver around the various features.

Battery Life
Perhaps the most important thing to note about the PT4 is that, once it’s fully charged, it won’t die on you on the course! The battery life is up to eight hours. In addition, the battery is replaceable, so you can carry a backup.

Is the sky looking a little gray, or the course a little foggy? No problem. The device is water-resistant, so you won’t have to constantly be worrying about protecting your device. 

The portable device weighs just 5.39 oz. with the battery inside. Its size, 2.7" x 5.0" x 0.59", makes it easy to carry, and trust us, you won't want to head to the course without it!

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