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Includes 40,000 Worldwide Courses!
Auto-Hole Recognition and Dynamic Green Views
Beautiful full-color touchscreen with activity monitoring capabilities!

Golf Buddy WTX Golf GPS Smartwatch

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Bright, easy-to-read display with large numbers

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Product Information

Golf Buddy WTX Golf GPS Watch - Golf Smartwatch



Dynamic Green View

An underrated feature exclusive to Golf Buddy products which actually turns the green view on your device to match the angle you're looking at the green. That way you get distances to the F/M/B from where you're actually standing, rather than from the middle of the fairway (where most GPS watches measure from...and let's be honest, it's not where you hit your drive).

Touchscreen Display

Very easy-to-use, responsive touchscreen display (no messing around with side buttons)

Smartphone Notifications

Connect to your smartphone and read notifications right on your wrist

Full Course Maps (& Free Updates) for 40,000 Worldwide Courses

Pretty standard these days plus automatic (free) course updates when you connect via bluetooth to the Golf Buddy smartphone app.

Pin Placement

Move the pin around with a simple touch



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