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Product Highlights
Attaches to your club and lead arm to practice chipping, pitching, putting and bunker shots
Improves body synchronization and consistency in shots around the green

Golf In Sync Training Aid

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Product Information

Golf In Sync Training Aid

Every golf swing requires your body to be in sync, especially around the green. Golf In Sync attaches to the shaft and your lead arm to promote smooth yet powerful body rotation. The improved body syncronization results in a more consistent swing for chipping, pitching, putting and bunker shots. 

How to Use
1. Attach the velcro just below the grip of the club
2. Secure the attachment onto the club, making sure it is on top of the shaft, and the wing nut is on the right side of the shaft
3. Place the armband on your lead arm as high as possible, with the loop on the inside of your lead arm
4. Slide the Golf In Sync stick through the loop of the armband

Attach velcro strip to the shaft below the grip. The Golf In Sync stick must go over your left arm. 

Pitching/Bunker Shots
Do not use the velcro strip.



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