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Golf Swing Analyzers

  • Ernest Sports ES14 Golf Launch Monitor 2 (White)

    Ernest Sports

    Ernest Sports ES14 Portable Golf Launch Monitor

    Provides instant, audible feedback on all aspects of your golf game
    Pairs with free iPhone or Android app to provide comprehensive feedback and other features
    Measures club speed, launch angle, ball speed, smash factor, spin rate and distance
    Lightweight, portable device travels well
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  • Garmin TruSwing Golf Swing Analyzer


    Garmin Approach TruSwing

    $149.99 is an Authorized Garmin Dealer
    +HARD CASE AND USB WALL ADAPTER BUNDLE: Includes PlayBetter Hard Accessory Carry Case & PlayBetter Dual Port USB Wall Adapter
    Comes pre-loaded with over 40,000 worldwide courses & includes Free WiFi lifetime course updates
    Sleek, pocket-sized design that conveniently clips on to your belt, bag or place it in your pocket
    Provides in-depth swing metrics and 3-D swing animations
    Compatible with your Approach S20, S4, S5, S6, G7, G8, Apple devices (with latest iOS software) or Android devices (4.3 OS or above)
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    OptiShot 2Golf Simulator by Dancin'Dogg

    Dancin' Dogg

    OptiShot 2 Golf Simulator Home Range Bundle

    Bundle includes practice balls and a Callaway 7' Zenith Net
    Uses infrared sensors built into the swing pad to analyze your club path, club head speed, and face angle upon impact, as well as your tempo and the distance your ball would travel.
    FREE software updates give you access to an ever-increasing library of courses and challenges.
    Optishot2 works on both PCs and Macs!
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  • On Sale
    SkyPro by SkyCaddie


    SkyPro Golf Swing Analyzer by SkyCaddie

    Now works with Android: Compatible with iOS 7.0 and up and Andriod Jelly Bean 4.1+
    Perfect gift for golfer of any level!
    The true 3D can be used to view your swing in slow motion, compare two swings, and even zoom and rotate to get the best angle for the best analysis of your swing.
    The SkyPro app has unique Groove and Practice Sessions to provide instant feedback on your successful swings and identify common faults immediately.
    SkyPro not only tells you where your flaws are, it tells you how to fix your flaws.
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  • Swing Caddie SC200 Plus - Voice Caddie

    Voice Caddie

    Swing Caddie SC200 Plus

    Added an additional Practice Swing Mode
    Allows golfers to get their swing speed numbers without hitting a ball
    Doppler Radar Technology for uncompromised precision
    Measures Carry Distance, Swing Speed, Ball Speed and Smash Factor
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  • On Sale
    Ernest Sports ES12 Portable Launch Monitor

    Ernest Sports

    Ernest Sports ES12 Portable Launch Monitor & Digital Golf Assistant

    Features include Historical Range Data, Club Gapping, Skills Challenge, Video Analysis, Course Caddie, Audible Feedback, and much more
    Uses Doppler radar technology to instantly measure your ball distance and ball speed
    FREE iOS and Android compatible Apps allow your swing data to be stored and accessed via your smartphone or tablet
    Comes with ES12 Launch Monitor, Manual, Activation Code, 9V Battery, and Carry Pouch
    Eligible for 60-Day Returns!

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