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Helps strengthen essential swing muscles
Easy to transport
DVD offers a wide variety of exercises and warm-up activities

GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer PERSONAL

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Fitness Training for a More Powerful Swing.

How GolfGym's PowerSwing Trainer Personal will add distance to your shots:
Strengthens Essential Swing Muscles - By imitating a real golf shot with added resistance.
Take it Anywhere! - Needing only to use your own body, you can use it anywhere!
Healthy, Band-Resistance Technology - No need for the heavy weights which often cause injury.

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GolfGym PowerSwing Trainer Personal Edition is a complete training kit containing a ProPerfect Training Grip with Personal Resistance PowerCord, high quality training DVD video, instruction booklet, and carry bag. This is designed for the golfer looking for the finest in golf-specific training and conditioning for use in-season and off-season. The DVD offers 23 different exercises and warm-up options. 

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