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Works for left- and right-handed golfers
3 Offset positions included: Zero shaft, half shaft, and full shaft
6 Weights included: Light (3g), Standard (6g), and Heavy (15g)
Available in 34" or 35"

Happy Putter - The Mallet

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Happy Putter - The Mallet
Six weights, three offset positions, left- or right-handed

happy-putter-blade-side.jpgThe most versatile putter on the market is guaranteed to make you happy! Just a guess here, but you probably don't have the same levels of adjustability as a TOUR player. Well, that won't be a problem anymore. The Happy Putter comes with some many different options that you can use to tweak your putting game effortlessly. The putter even switches depending on whether you're a left- or right-handed golfer!

Trying a new stance? Playing an especially fast green? Been pulling your putts lately? Well, then it's time to adjust! Every single time you play, you can adjust its different features to give you the best possible chance of sinking that putt!

Here are all of the different option sets that come with your Mallet Happy Putter:

  • Three (3) Lofts included: Low (1 degree), Standard (3.5 degrees), and High (6 degrees)
  • 6 Weights included: Light (3g), Standard (6g), and Heavy (15g)
  • 3 Lie positions included: Flat (68 degrees), Standard (71 degrees), and Up (74 degrees)
  • 3 Offset positions included: Zero shaft, half shaft, and full shaft
  • Left- and right-handed playing positions 


The club comes with a custom-designed 11", non-tapered grip. With your purchase, you'll also receive a wrench and a headcover. The putter is available in 34" or 35", and is also available in the blade edition.

The putter is made up of a CNC machined aluminum face and body, CNC machined stainless steel, and aluminum and tungsten adjustment components.

Rest assured: The putter you need will be in your bag!

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