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Hirzl Trust Control Golf Glove

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  • Hirzl Trust Control Glove

    The Ultimate Glove Experience

    "The Hirzl gloves were amazing and I used the same glove throughout the 12 hour duration. I was able to keep a steady, reliable grip on the club through over 8,500 total golf balls hit, and the gloves never cracked, never were torn and remained as soft and supple as when I hit my first ball.” -Nigel Mangan, after breaking the Guinness World Record for most consecutive golf balls hit in a 12-hour period.

    As the singular connection between your hand and your club, a golf glove is more than an accessory; it's a game changer. A low-quality or ill-fitting glove will not only hurt your score (and your ego), it will also wear and crack quickly, leaving you to purchase another (and yet another when that one goes). On the other hand, with a high-quality glove that fits properly, you'll feel a solid connection with your club, allowing you to hit your ball farther and with better control.

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    The Hirzl Trust Control glove is designed specifically for golfers with a medium to high handicap. The thicker, more structured palm leather helps you maintain a firm grip on your club and avoid the common error of gripping the club too tightly.

    By eliminating the dreaded "chokehold", your swing becomes more fluent and allows you to generate maximum leverage and clubhead speed.

    Hirzl's line of golf gloves addresses the most common problems encountered with other glove brands. The palm of the glove is made of kangaroo leather, one of the softest and most durable leathers available.Hirzl Glove Technology

    Embedded into the leather is Hirzl's GRIPPP technology, which provides the ultimate grip, superior breathability, and strong protection against constant wear and tear. GRIPPP technology also makes Hirzl gloves extremely water repellent and sweat-absorbent, which means they provide a consistently strong grip in both dry and wet conditions.

    As a matter of fact, the glove performs even better in the presence of rain or sweat (up to 4X more under wet conditions - thus eliminating the need to carry additional rain gloves).

    Bundle & Save!
    Save $10.00 when you purchase a 3-pack or save $15 when you purchase a 5-pack! 

    Additional features:
    Conforms with USGA rules
    Three-times more grip in dry weather conditions
    Five-times more grip in wet weather conditions
    More structured palm leather
    100% moisture-free palm
    Replaces your regular glove and rain specific gloves


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    info: The high quality leather helps to give you a firm grip on your club and avoid gripping your club too tightly
    info: The GRIPPP technology provides you with ultimate grip, superior breathability, and strong protection against constant wear and tear
    info: Extremely water repellent and sweat-absorbent
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