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How to Select PayPal Credit for Orders Over $99

How to Select PayPal Credit for Orders Over $99 (for 6 Months Interest-Free Credit)



take-me-to-skytrak1.jpgPaying for large purchases over $99 can be easy with 6 months of interest-free financing from PayPal! All you need to do is follow these 4 easy steps during the checkout process (click the links for screenshots below):

Step 1 - Select PayPal as Method of Payment
Step 2 - Select Proceed to Checkout
Step 3 - Select Apply Now
Step 4 - Apply for Credit Line

It's that easy!



Step 1: Select PayPal as your method of payment during checkout



Step 2: Select 'Proceed to Payment' button - this will take you to an external PayPal checkout page



Step 3: Select 'Apply Now' next to Get 6 months to pay with PayPal credit 



Step 4: Input your credit line application - you will receive a decision immediately and if accepted, will have 6 months interest-free financing on your purchase!



You're all finished and will be taken back to where you'll receive your order confirmation number!