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International Shipping

International Shipping

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Fast, Cheap International Shipping with FedEx!

All of our international shipments are sent using FedEx International - most with FedEx Priority International which arrives in only 2-4 days!  We never use the slow couriers who can take up to 2 weeks to deliver - only the fastest for our customers!

Did we mention it's cheap as well?  We can ship a small product to Western Europe for only $28!  And the same to Australia!  Larger products will be more expensive but will arrive just as quickly.

For the most accurate estimates, use our Estimate Shipping button once you've added your product to the cart.





International shipments are subject to that country's duties/taxes and are the recipient's responsibility.  If you have questions regarding this, please Contact Us.


For larger packages (i.e. nets, carts, mats) being sent to international locations will use International Standard Shipping methods which is a combination of USPS Priority International, UPS Worldwide Expedited and FedEx International.

Some International Shipping FAQs:

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes!

Q: Do you accept international credit cards and payments?
A: Yes, absolutely!

Q: Where can I find the estimated shipping cost for my order?
A: Place the items you were interested in purchasing into your shopping cart and click the 'Estimate Shipping & Tax' button at the bottom of the screen.  Input the requested shipping info and you will be provided with your shipping estimate.  Please contact us with any questions or for custom shipping quotes.

Q: Who responsible for payment of import duties/taxes?
A: Import duties/taxes are the responsibility of the recipient.  If you have questions regarding this, please contact us.

Q: How do I find the Estimate Shipping & Tax button?

Step 1: Add your desired product to the cart

Step 2: Click the Estimate Shipping & Tax button at the bottom right corner of the cart



Step 3: Enter your country and fill in the requested information (region, postal code, etc).  Click Estimate Shipping & Tax.



Step 4: Your shipping cost will be displayed along with courier and estimated delivery date.
Duties/taxes are not provided here and will be levied by the country of import (please remember, the buyer is responsible for paying these)