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Leadbetter Correct Grip Golf Glove

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  • Correct Grip Golf Glove

    Good Golf Begins with the Correct Grip 

    The 4 Reasons this is the best glove in golf.

    Consistently Perfect Grip - Lines on the glove ensure you'll never have an incorrect grip again
    Creates a More Powerful Swing - Grip allows for more wrist mobility for more powerful shots
    Extra Comfort and Durability - Outlasts normal gloves by 2-3 times; made from Grade-A leather
    PGA Tour Approved - Approved for use in any competition

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    More on the Correct Grip Golf Glove:
    If you aren't holding your club correctly, you can forget about getting that consistent, powerful swing you see pros executing. In the words of David Leadbetter, "good golf begins with good grip," and his Correct Grip Golf Glove is designed to give you just that.

    The David Leadbetter Golf Glove features distinct lines on the glove that serve as guides for proper grip. A perfect grip will not only make your swing feel smoother, you will also benefit from more powerful shots. Gripping the club too tightly reduces the wrist movement that is key to a consistent swing; by placing the club in your fingers more than your palm, the Correct Grip Golf Glove helps you develop a looser grip that is just as strong.

    A weak or misplaced lead-hand grip is one of the most common errors affecting amateur golfers and results in a less powerful shot that slices. This glove ensures you're holding your club correctly every time and will help refine your game and lower your score.

    Made of ultra-durable, Grade A leather, the Correct Grip Golf Glove lasts 2-3 times longer than your average golf glove and is approved for use in tournaments. With this glove, you'll have the advantage of a grip check before every shot you take.

    Bundle & Save:
    Save $15.00 when you purchase a 3-pack and save $25.00 when you order a 5-pack! 

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    truck: This item is eligible for FREE Shipping!
    Valid for U.S. based orders in the contiguous 48 states.
    checkmark: Designed to give you the perfect grip
    checkmark: The lines on the glove serve as a guide for proper grip
    plus: Made of ultra-durable, Grade A leather, to provide you with a longer lasting glove
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