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Product Highlights
Conforms to USGA Rule 14-3 for legal usage in tournament play
Compact, durable design packed with features to enhance your experience on the course
Fog mode cuts through the weather and provide fast, accurate measurements to get you on the green
Recommends the appropriate club for your hitting strength

Leupold GX-5i3

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Leupold GX-5i3 Digital Golf Rangefinder


The GX-5i3 with Leupold's high performance DNA (Digitally eNhanced Accuracy) engine and advanced infrared laser provides faster measurements and increased accuracy displayed to the nearest 1/10 of a yard. Featuring TGR and Club Selector, which can be disabled for tournament play per updated USGA rule 14-3, the GX-5i3 provides ranging information and club recommendations based on personal hitting strength, slope, and current environmental conditions.

What's Included in the Box?

  • Leupold GX-5i3
  • Carrying case
  • CR2 lithium battery

Product Information

Leupold GX-5i3 Digital Golf Rangefinder

  • Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA) -  the most powerful and accurate measuring system rangefinders have to offer.
  • Club Selector - gives users range information and club recommendations which match to the slope of a particular shot, atmospheric conditions and even a golfer’s hitting strength.
  • True Golf Range (TGR) - the GX-5i3 displays an incredibly accurate range, all calculated from the line-of-sight distance, incline or decline, current temperature trajectory of the ball and altitude. Similar to slope feature on other devices.
  • Beautiful Redesign - the GX-5i3 is sleek, compact and contours beautifully in a user’s hand.
  • $550 Retail - You get what you pay for
  • Leupold Carrying Case - pretty standard, but still nice
  • Available at with Free Shipping, No Tax & 60-Day Returns!

Sometimes when shopping for a product, you have to go for the best of the best. And for those who take their golf game seriously, only the best of the best will do. In the vast world of rangefinders, one stands head and shoulders above the rest. With an array of features and highest level of accuracy on the market, the Leupold GX-5i3 will begin carrying its weight in gold the first time on the course.

Introducing the Leupold GX-5i3 Golf Laser Rangefinder

This is the Rolls Royce of rangefinders. It’s the MacDaddy. It’s the bee’s knees. It’s, well, you get the idea. The Leupold GX-5i3 is the top-of-the-line golf rangefinder that boasts more than a dozen features and unsurpassed accuracy on the golf course. With the GX-5i3, you’ll be able to know exactly how far away you are from any point on the hole and be confident in what club is going to get you there. Rain, fog, or hilly terrain? That’s the other guy’s problem. Those obstacles won’t stand in your way with the GX-5i3. Let’s find out how what separates this rangefinder from all the others.

Simply put, what sets the GX-5i3 apart is the use of Digitally eNhanced Accuracy (DNA). With this, your rangefinder sports a high performance engine that provides the fastest and most accurate measurements using an incredibly precise laser. Just how accurate is it? With DNA, you’ll experience readings displayed to the nearest 1/10 of a yard.

Of course, with such a fully loaded rangefinder, the GX-5i3 also boasts True Golf Range. In short, this is another name for the slope feature you find on other rangefinders. With True Golf Range (TGR), the GX-5i3 compensates for uphill shots that play long and downhill shots that play short. TGR is calculated from the line of sight distance, and gives the golfer an adjusted range to the pin taking into account an incline or decline.

And after perfectly calculating the necessary distance, the GX-5i3 doesn’t stop there. With the Club Selector feature, your device will provide club recommendations based on a golfer’s hitting strength, slope and current environmental conditions (which we’ll talk more about in just a bit).

Fog Mode is definitely one of the more underrated features on the GX-5i3. Be sure to use this under rainy or foggy conditions, as it will screen out false readings caused by rain or other weather interference, keeping your readings as accurate as possible. You can find Fog Mode under the “MODE” button on the GX-5i3 device.

Another set of factors that will help improve the GX-5i3’s accuracy is inputting the day’s temperature and altitude on the course. By inputting that data into the rangefinder, the device increases its accuracy and helps the golfer be even more confident with each swing. Ideally, this data needs to be put in by golfers who live in one geographical area but happen to be traveling to play golf in a drastically different one. If you’re golfing around the same local area each time, don’t worry about this. The GX-5i3 gets to know the courses and habits of the golfer and will continue to give the most precise readings.

For a complete list of features on the GX-5i3, take a look at the list below:

  • 6x magnification
  • CR2 Lithium Battery
  • Club Selector
  • Digitally Enhanced Accuracy (DNA) Golf
  • Fog Mode
  • Fold Down Rubber Eyecups
  • Fully Multi-coated Lens System
  • OLED Display
  • One-touch Scan Mode
  • PinHunter Laser Technology
  • Prism Lock Technology
  • True Golf Range (TGR)
  • Waterproof

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