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Multisport Watches

  • Coros APEX Multisport Watch  - Black



    Made of titanium alloy bezel finish with sapphire glass for APEX 46mm
    Made of ceramic bezel finish with sapphire glass for APEX 42mm
    Features the COROS Trainer for advanced training and analysis
    Provides an Intelligent Stride model that learns your running form
    Wrist-based heart rate monitor with built-in barometer, altimeter, and compass etc.
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  • Coros Pace Multi-Sport Watch - Red - Heart Rate



    Intelligent Stride Algorithm insightfully records your range of motion while running and builds your own stride model
    Features highly demanded VO2 max that lets you view the max amount of oxygen your body has consumed after finishing a run
    Customize your pace zone alert with the newly improved run alerts and heart rate alert
    +POWER BUNDLE: Includes PlayBetter Portable Charger (2200mAh) & PlayBetter USB Cable
    +GIFT BOX BUNDLE: Includes PlayBetter USB Car & Wall Charging Adapters, Protective Hard Case | Black Gift Box with Red Bow & Crinkle Paper | Click Here for Details
    Eligible for Free 60-Day Returns!

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