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Product Highlights
Lightweight, ergonomic and grip-free handheld hydration flask
Holds up to 2 oz/650 mL of liquids
Features the Push-Pull Blast Valve Cap that offers quick release of fluid
Integrated with a fully-adjustable hand strap with chafe-free thumbhole
Built with an expandable zippered pocket for running essentials; fits smartphones up to iPhone 6

Nathan Speedmax Plus Flask

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Product Information

Nathan Speedmax Plus Flask

Features and Benefits

Lightweight and ergonomic, this 22 oz grip-free handheld running flask is the perfect training partner for longer runs. Add ice easily with the large cap opening, and enjoy the high volume flow of the Push-Pull Blast Valve cap.

  • 22 oz / 650 mL ergo SpeedDraw Flask with Push-Pull Blast Valve Cap offers quick bursts of fluid
  • Large cap opening to easily clean and add ice cubes
  • Fully-adjustable hand strap with chafe-free thumbhole enables grip-free running
  • Expandable zippered pocket for running essentials, fits up to iPhone 6
Black/Safety Yellow, Bluestone, Vivacious

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