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Product Highlights
Super-soft stretch belt that fits perfectly around your waist
Cross functional features for your travel essentials and important accessories
Built with two zippered, weather-resistant pockets, total of four pockets
Secures and fits smartphone: iPhone 8/8 Plus, Galaxy S8/S8+
Popular training pak model by Nathan Sports

Nathan The Zipster Runner Waist Pak

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Nathan The Zipster Runner Waist Pak


Our popular runners waist pak features two zippered, weather-resistant pockets for extra security. Combined with the two flap pockets, this super-soft, super-comfortable belt will fit your large smartphone plus your favorite running essentials.

What's Included in the Box?

  • The Zipster runner waist pak

Product Information

Nathan The Zipster Runner Waist Pak

Features and Benefits

We’ve added secure and weather resistant zippers to our most popular training pak model, which now features four pockets, two zippers, and one heck of a secure run.

  • Two zippered, weather-resistant pockets (four pockets total)
  • Super-soft stretch belt fits comfortable around your waist
  • Fits up to iPhone 8/8 Plus, Galaxy S8/S8+
  • Cross functional - use for travel (easy access to passport, protect/safeguard your money) or for your fitness needs (hold your ID/keys while at the gym)
Amaranth, Black, Heathered Blue, Heathered Grey

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