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Large ocular for easy viewing and wide field of view (75 degree)
HYPER READ provides quick and stable measurements in 0.5 seconds
Comes equipped with ID Technology that shows elevation change

Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder

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Acquires targets up to 650 yards away

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Product Information

Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder
Eliminate second-guessing


With its revolutionary ID Technology, the Nikon COOLSHOT 40i laser rangefinder is like a having a caddy on the course. It will help you select the proper club by showing you elevation and slope-adjusted distance to your target!

Nikon is known for top quality optics, and it does not compromise its quality on the course! The rangefinder features multilayer coating on its lenses, which will give you a clear and bright read every time. Even if you play at dawn, at dusk or on an overcast day, you'll still see clear views.

While this rangefinder is not legal for tournament play, as it accounts for slope and elevation, this rangefinder will absolutely give you your best day on the course. You won't doubt your club choice anymore. The 40i shows you actual distance to a pin, versus just the horizontal distance.

Here are the other features that help elevate your golf game:

coolshot-40i-small.jpgSelectable ID Technology

Your COOLSHOT 40i displays slope-adjusted distance (horizontal distance plus/minus height) while other rangefinders only show you horizontal distances. In addition to slope-adjusted distances, it also shows you to-the-target distance. Put these measurements together, and you'll always know the proper club to select for uphill or downhill shots. Eliminate second guessing!

First Target Priority Mode

When you're measuring overlapping subjects, the display of the closest subject will be displayed. This feature will be especially helpful when measuring the distance to the flagstick with obstacles in the background. Measure the distance to your target, not to the woods in the background! This feature works with a swift, one-push continuous measurement.

Distant Target Priority Mode

This mode displays the farthest subject, and is especially helpful in wooded areas of the course.


This rangefinder is quick! HYPER READ provides quick and stable measurements no matter how far you are from your target. Expect results in approximately 0.5 seconds!

Finding forgiveness

While COOLSHOT rangefinders effectively display the distance to the flag, they also help show you distances to hazards and obstacles. Remove the stress of the unknown and swing freely!


Simply press down the POWER button, and you'll receive an eight-second continuous measurement. This will allow you to see distances to more than one object. This model comes with single or continuous measurement options.

Six-time monocular lens

This high quality lens will get you a clear, crisp look at your target. It is designed with multilayer coating for bright and clear images.

Large ocular for easy viewing and wide field of view

The eyepiece is designed for easy viewing (18 mm). It offers a 75-degree field of view.

Long eye relief design

Wear glasses? No problem! The engineers designed COOLSHOT models with easy viewing for those who wear glasses in mind.

Diopter adjustment function

The rangefinder will adjust depending on your eyesight.

Rainproof and wide temperature tolerance

Use your rangefinder in all kinds of weather! It features JIS/IEC protection class 4 (IPX4) equivalent under Nikon's testing. The device can be used from -10 C- 50 C/14 F - 122 F.


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