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Product Highlights
Pairs well with the Orange Whip to improve balance, core strength and flexibility
Alters your static and dynamic balance positions for a stronger, better swing
Invented by PGA teaching professional Jim Hackenburg
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Orange Peel Golf Swing & Balance Trainer


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Orange Peel Golf Trainer For Swing & Balance

Foundation to the Perfect Swing

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From the makers of the bestselling Orange Whip Trainer comes a balance trainer built specifically for golfers: The Orange Peel golf trainer.

The Orange Peel is designed to help you improve your balance and rotation while developing a more athletic golf stance. Standing on its concave surface promotes proper setup position and an aligned center of gravity, allowing you to rotate more effectively throughout your swing. The more balanced you are, the more natural your swing will feel.

Here's Jim Hackenberg, inventor of the Orange Peel (and Orange Whip), to explain how to use Orange Peel to address specific swing faults:


As Jim explains, by simply shifting your position on the Orange Peel golf trainer, you can address specific problem areas like slices, hooks, and difficult lies. For instance, to simulate a downhill lie, simply move your back foot to the outer edge of the Peel and your front foot closer to the edge of the inner circle. Do just the opposite to practice an uphill lie. Slices and hooks can be corrected by placing your feet in front of and behind the center line, respectively.

Measuring 44 inches long by 25 inches wide, the Orange Peel allows golfers of any height to position themselves comfortably and achieve an effective workout. The concave surface of this durable training aid is lined with rubber in order to ensure secure footing.

Training with the Orange Peel encourages refined synchronization between your upper and lower body and allows you to experience different swing planes. Combine the Peel with the Orange Whip in order to get the most out of your training.

Dimensions: 44" L x 25" W
Weight: 21 pounds (built-in handles make it easy to transport)

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