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Product Highlights
Helps develop a better takeaway, swing plane, and balance.
Great for building core strength and preventing injury.
You can carry the Orange Whip in your golf bag without it counting towards the 14-club rule

Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer

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Product Information

Orange Whip Golf Ball Swing Trainer

Available in 4 different sizes!



Large 47.5" (Over 5'6)



Medium 44" (Under 5'6 or Beginner)



Medium-Small 39.5"



Junior 38" (Ages 7-12)



The Most Dynamic Training Aid in Golf

Invented by PGA teaching professional Jim Hackenburg, The Orange Whip golf ball swing trainer is a fitness essential. Its flexible handle and system of counterbalanced weights allow you to feel the swing of a tour pro while improving your balance, core strength, and flexibility.

Once you've used The Orange Whip and experienced its effectiveness, it will no doubt become your best workout buddy. You can even carry it in your golf bag without it counting towards the 14-club rule.


The Orange Whip golf trainer is dynamic and versatile, and it will not only help your swing but will improve your endurance - the last thing you want is to let an otherwise great game fall apart on the last few holes because you're too tired to really focus.

No matter your skill level, the Orange Whip will improve your game. It even comes in three different sizes, so you can find the one that fits you best.
How the Orange Whip will lower your score:

Dynamic & Practical - Simple and immediately effective, the Orange Whip is built to improve EVERY golfers game!
Improves Balance - Develops endurance in the stabilizer that are so essential to a consistent swing
Increases Swing Endurance - Avoid those late-round collapses due to fundamental faults due to fatigue

Trainer 47.5" (Large) Size:
Designed for those over 5'6. Recommended for men and taller women.
Length is 47.4" total; 45" actual swing length (Men's Driver)
Weight is 1.76 pounds
Simulates Men's Driver Motion; recommended for Core Fitness and Flexibility
Recommended for golfers over 5'6" 

Mid-Size 44" (Medium) Size:

Designed for those under 5'6" or beginners to the game. Recommended for men, women, teens and seniors.
Length is 44" total; 41" actual swing length (Men's Mid-Iron/Ladies Driver)
Weight is 1.76 pounds
Simulates Mid-Iron motion and Ladies' Driver Motion; provides more manageable swing than FULL version
Recommended for golfers under 5'6"


Compact 39.5" (Medium-Small) Size:

The Orange Whip Compact is perfect for indoor use and travel. Its convenient length and versatile design are perfect for men, women, seniors, and teens. 
35.5” length is perfect for indoor use and travel 
Whippy shaft for maximum feedback similar to the longer trainers 
Simulates short iron motion to sharpen your shorter shots 
Often purchased with the larger Trainer and Mid-Size swing trainers

Junior 38" (Small) Size:
Designed for Juniors aged 7-12. Adults will notice benefit in their wedge shots from using this tool.
Length is 38" total; 36" actual swing length (Men's Mid-Iron/Ladies Driver)
Weight is 1.3 pounds
Has more flexible shaft than either large or medium model making it ideal for junior golfers
Juniors (built for youth)



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