Apple: compatible iOS devices include iPhone 6s and above, running on iOS 14.0 and above.

Android: compatible on select Android devices running Pie 9.0 and above that include a gyroscope, accelerometer, and Google Play Services.

Note: Due to the numerous amount of Android devices across several brands we cannot list each compatible Android phone explicitly. Generally, devices released in the past 3 years with the latest Android OS perform best. Phone examples:

  • Ideal performance: Samsung Galaxy S21/S20/S10, Google Pixel 6/5/4 series.  
  • Less than ideal performance: older Huawei, ThinQ, Moto G & Z series, Xiaomi, Sony, LG, A series Galaxy and OnePlus phones.

The Arccos Caddie is compatible with Arccos Smart Sensors, Arccos Smart Grips, Arccos Link and Cobra & PING Smart Sets. The Arccos Caddie is not compatible with Garmin devices.