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Everything You Need to Know About Bushnell Rangefinders | 2022 Buyer’s Guide

Learn, Compare, Buy, Explore.

Buy the Best Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinders | Bushnell Pro X3, Pro XE, Tour V5 & Tour V5 Shift Comparison Chart & Reviews

Buy the New Best Rangefinder in Golf

Try the 2022 Bushnell Pro X3 golf rangefinder risk-free on PlayBetter with FREE 2-Day Shipping + FREE 60-Day Returns!

Buy the Bushnell Pro XE Rangefinder

Watch a Bushnell Pro XE review from our partner Gabe at Let's Play Thru and find out why he thinks it's "as good as it gets!"

Buy Bushnell Tour V5/Tour V5 Shift

Get Bushnell's mid-range priced golf rangefinder with this brand's tour-trusted accuracy. Available in slope and no-slope options.

Bushnell Golf Rangefinders Comparison Chart







Range to Flag 

400+ yards

400+ yards

500+ yards

600+ yards








PinSeeker w/
Visual Jolt

Slope w/

BITE Magnetic
Cart Mount





Bright Orange/Crisp Black


water resistant IPX4

water resistant IPX4

waterproof IPX7

waterproof IPX7

Bushnell Golf Pro XE Review Video (Pro X3 Review Coming Soon!)

The Best Rangefinder of 2022 — Bushnell Pro X3

Everything that made the Bushnell Pro XE the best rangefinder in golf—with more pro features!

99% of tour professionals trust Bushnell Golf rangefinders—a brand that has been pioneering golf technology for over 25 years.

The Pro XE was the gold standard until the Busnell released Pro X3 rangefinder in September 2022—now with more advanced slope and professional features that any golfers can enjoy.

Along with existing Slope with Elements technology, Pinseeker with Visual Jolt, magnetic cart mount, 7X magnification, 600-yard range, and tournament legal play, the Pro X3 adds:

  • Home Elevation which allows you to plug your home elevation into the Slope with Elements equation for more precise distances where you play golf the most.
  • Dual Display gives you the display you need (bright orange or crisp black) based on lighting conditons and user preference.
  • Ensure tournament-legal play with the new Locking Slope-Switch.

The Bushnell Pro XE — Slope with Elements

Why is this premium Bushnell rangefinder the best?

Because the Pro XE takes slope compensation next-level!

The "E" in the Bushnell Pro XE stands for the Elements feature, which enhances an already excellent slope technology. Not only does it factor in incline and decline, this worldly golf device considers temperature and elevation above sea level (Barometric pressure) to calculate even more precise distances.

Get on the golf course in the morning among mountains or in the evening in a tropical paradise—play anywhere, anytime, and choose the club you need for each shot with confidence.

The Bushnell Pro XE is perfect for the golfer that travels and gets to play on different courses.

The pros trust it, and so will you!

Bushnell Tour V5 — Non-Slope Rangefinder

Want a trusted old school, no-slope rangefinder? Then the Bushnell Tour V5 will give you all the accuracy and ease-of-use you could want—plus, it'll be easy on your budget.

  • Integrated BITE magnetic technology allows you to focus on your shot, not your golf gadget.
  • Bushnell's PinSeeker technology with JOLT doubles flagstick confirmation with a visual flashing red ring and a vibrating pulse.
  • Stunning definition and vivid color paired with 6x magnification are par for the course along with precise distances with yardage accuracy within 1 yard.


Bushnell Tour V5 Shift with Slope

The Bushnell Tour V5 Shift golf laser rangefinder features include:

  • BITE Magnetic Cart Mount — Golfers love this! The integrated BITE magnetic technology in the Tour V5 laser rangefinder lets you conveniently grab and reattach the rangefinder to the cart—no fumbling around before and after your shot!
  • It's Tournament Legal — When playing in a tournament easily out of slope mode. The red crescent next to the switch indicates that slope is turned off.
  • Target ConfirmationPinSeeker technology with JOLT in the Tour V5 golf laser rangefinder lets you know when you've hit the flag. Get double the confirmation with a visual flashing red ring and a vibrating pulse.
  • With its 6x magnification, stunning definition, vivid color, and yardage accuracy within 1 yard, the Tour V5 Shift helps you zero in on the distances that make the difference!


Bushnell Golf Laser Rangefinder with Slope

Get tour-trusted slope technology in both the Bushnell Tour V5, the Pro XE, and the Pro X3.

With an enhanced slope algorithm, these laser rangefinders provide you with even more precise tour-trusted compensated distances to account for the hole’s incline/decline.

Actual distance + slope = the true plays like distance that you want to really dial in on your target.

Plus, Slope-Switch Technology lets you easily switch your Tour V5 Shift or Pro XE in and out of Slope mode. These Bushnell rangefinders are legal during tournament play when Slope is disabled and the red crescent is showing around your slope switch.

Now the Bushnell Pro X3 introduces the Locking Slope-Switch, located at the top front of the unit. You'll see you're tournament legal by the strip of bright orange. You know you'll stay that way because of the locking mechanism.

How Does a Bushnell Rangefinder Work?

The Pro X3, Pro XE, Tour V5, and Tour V5 Shift emit invisible, eye safe, infrared energy pulses.

Bushnell Golf rangefinders' Advanced Digital microprocessor and ASIC chip (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) result in instantaneous and accurate readings every time.

Sophisticated digital technology instantaneously calculates distances by measuring the time it takes for each pulse to travel from the rangefinder, to the target, and back.

Bushnell Rangefinder Battery

Replace the battery when the unit does not turn on, display does not illuminate, or the display goes blank when attempting to power the laser.

Use a good quality 3 -volt lithium battery (CR2). Insert into the compartment with the negative (flat) end first (positive end facing out towards the battery cover). We recommend replacing the battery at least once every six months.

Bushnell Rangefinder Warranty

All Bushnell Golf devices come with a free limited warranty (2 years for GPS units and 1 year for laser rangefinders) that guarantees products to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.

If Bushnell products are used in the way they’re intended and you’re having device issues within your warranty period, it’s Bushnell Golf's responsibility to repair or replace it.

If you know your unit is outside of the warranty-period, please contact Bushnell at or by calling 1-800-423-3537 PRIOR to sending your device to their repair lab.

Bushnell Golf Rangefinder Repair / Manual

Please do not attempt to repair your Bushnell rangefinder yourself.

If you are still inside 60 days of purchasing from, you can return/exchange your Bushnell rangefinder here.

For repairs beyond 60-day purchase from PlayBetter, contact Bushnell via their support page and provide a brief overview of your issue. They will review and get back to you via email, providing you with a repairs lab ticket number (if applicable) to include with your device prior to shipping to us for further inspection.

We welcome you to visit our PlayBetter Help Center for questions and troubleshooting regarding your Bushnell golf laser rangefinder.

You can find the Bushnell Pro XE manual here.

Find the Bushnell Tour V5 / Tour V5 Shift manual here.

Bushnell Pro X3 manual coming soon!


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