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Buy the NEW Voice Caddie T9 Golf GPS Watch | Now with Shot & Putt Tracking & Swing Tempo!

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Voice Caddie T9 vs T8 vs A2 Comparison & Review | Which Golf Watch Fits Your Game in 2022?

Buy the NEW Voice Caddie T9 Golf GPS Watch

Loaded with game-enhancement features, this golf watch does things no other product can. Find out what Voice Caddie has added to their new model!

Buy Voice Caddie T8 Golf GPS Watch

Save strokes by wrapping a virtual caddie around your wrist. Yardages, green undulations, color touchscreen, & more make the T8 a trusted go-to.

Buy Voice Caddie A2 Hybrid Golf GPS Watch

The A2 is the product that made golf smart watches truly smart. Green undulation heat maps are a game changer!

Watch a Voice Caddie T9 Review!

Seeing is believing! Watch as our main man Gabe from YouTube’s Let’s Play Thru puts the T9 to an on-course test.


Voice Caddie T9 Golf Watch (2022 Model)

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Voice Caddie T8 Golf GPS Watch

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Voice Caddie A2 Hybrid GPS Golf Watch

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Voice Caddie T9 Golf Watch (2022 Model)

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Voice Caddie T8 Golf GPS Watch

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Voice Caddie A2 Hybrid GPS Golf Watch

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Watch a Voice Caddie T9 Review from
our partner, Gabe, at Let's Play Thru!

Voice Caddie T9 2022—Best Golf Watch of 2022?

Already a premier golf watch brand, Voice Caddie scores an ace with the new T9!

Voice Caddie changed the game with accurate heat map, green undulation technology. Now, the T9 adds shot and putt tracking plus a swing tempo practice mode to make this a contender for best golf watch of 2022. Wearing this watch is literally like having an experienced caddie by your side.

The T9 is jam-packed with features, starting with the new shot and putt tracking. This watch is smart enough to know when you’ve taken a shot. Voice Caddie leads the pack with this type of technology. With other golf yardage watch options, including any previous Voice Caddie golf watch, you have to manually enter your score after each shot or at the end of each hole. Voice Caddie T9 handles that job for you, including on the putting green.

Dial in a precise and repeatable swing tempo to significantly improve your consistency. The T9 gives you a fast and accurate reading—a total golf watch game changer!

Voice Caddie T8 Golf Watch Features

The T9’s little sibling remains one of the best golf watch options.

The T8 isn’t falling behind many in an IQ test for smartest golf watch. It may not have the shot and putt tracking, swing tempo mode, or enhanced slope calculations of the souped-up T9 model, but the T8 is product-class leading in features like a color touchscreen, yardage calculation and accuracy, course views that show all hazards and bunkers, green undulation that’s indicated with heat map and arrows to show break direction, putt view that shows elevation and distance to the pin, and touch pin placement so that you can nail the exact hole location.

The T8 is preloaded with more than 40,000 courses and no add-on fees. The watch has a golf battery life of 36 holes and up to 10 days off the course.

Voice Caddie A2 Hybrid GPS Golf Watch Features

Huge value at $199.99!

Don’t sleep on the Voice Caddie A2. This stylish, white-band golf watch GPS delivers green undulation, a color touchscreen, customizable pin placement, and slope calculation. You’ll get accurate yardages to front, center, and back of the green plus to all hazards and bunkers, and you can manually input the pin position.

At $150 less than the Voice Caddie T8 and T9, the A2 is still relevant and an excellent choice. It comes loaded with more than 40,000 courses with no additional fees. Battery life is quoted as 10 hours for golf mode and 10 days in non-golf mode.

Voice Caddie T9 vs T8 — Premium Golf Watch Comparison

The evolution of greatness!

The Voice Caddie T8 is a damn fine golf watch. And for those who may prefer its style to the T9, or for those not interested in shot and putt tracking and a swing tempo mode, the T8 will leave you wanting for nothing.

For everyone else, the T9 takes what the T8 does so well and adds even more!

NEW with the T9:

  • Shot and Putt tracking
  • Swing Tempo Mode
  • Enhanced V-Algorithm 3.0 Slope Calculation

T8 and T9 features:

  • Green Undulation Data (Indicated with map)
  • Course Layout View (Yardages to hazard & bunkers)
  • Color Touchscreen
  • Customizable Pin Placement
  • Course & Green Zoom (2nd level)
  • Putt View–arows show break direction
  • Completely Fee Free
  • V-Algorithm (Automatic Slope Calculation)

Voice Caddie T9 vs A2

The A2 is much more than basic, but the T9 is big time!

The Voice Caddie A2 gives you a hell of a lot for just $199.99 at You’ll get accurate yardages, green undulation, a color touchscreen, customizable pin placement, and slope calculation.

But the T9 does all of that and a whole lot more, including a swing tempo mode, shot and putt tracking, and enhanced slope calculation.

If you want a watch that delivers more than just the essentials but stops short of the latest and greatest, you can’t do better than $199.99 for the A2. If you want the most premium Voice Caddie golf watch and one that legitimately vies for best golf watch of 2022, there’s no need to second guess the Voice Caddie T9 golf watch.

Voice Caddie T8 vs A2

Smart gets smarter!

Voice Caddie raised the stakes with the introduction of their T-series golf watches. The T8 builds on the foundation of the A2 that helped to establish Voice Caddie as a favored brand in golf watch reviews.

The T8 introduces new technology like Active Green to improve accuracy, a V-Algorithm proprietary slope-calculation system, and putt view so that you can see elevation and distance to the pin.

Features common between the A2 and T8 are a color touchscreen, yardages to the front, center, and back of the green and to hazards, green undulation, customizable pin placement, and slope calculation.

The A2 gives you plenty, and for $199.99 it’s a steal. The T8 bridges the gap between Voice Caddie’s A-series and the flagship Voice Caddie T9 golf watch.

Voice Caddie T9 Review

“Packed with features that are completely next level!”

Our partner Gabe at YouTube’s Let’s Play Thru offers a thorough (and rave!) on-course review of the Voice Caddie T9 golf watch, a product he calls “next level.”

Gabe particularly loved the green view feature of the T9, especially as it pertained to approach shots. He found that being able to read the slope of the green from afar allowed him to better aim his approaches so that he hit the part of the green that gave him the best chance of getting up and down. “It’s so nice to have this super accurate data,” Gabe said. “Not many watches include that. Some want a subscription for that feature. You get it right out of the box with the Voice Caddie T9.”

Gabe was also blown away that the watch automatically picked up each shot, including putts. “The fact that this can pick up putts and tells me how many strokes on the watch—huge!”

Voice Caddie T9 vs Garmin Approach S62 GPS Golf Watch

A true heavyweight battle!

Two awesome products that are at the top of the list on many golf GPS watch reviews. The T9 is the flagship golf watch for Voice Caddie, and the Approach S62 is the top of the hill for Garmin.

The Voice Caddie T9 does things better than any other golf watch, including automatic shot tracking, swing tempo monitoring, and industry-leading green undulation views. The Garmin Approach S62 also stands apart from all others with things like AI club recommendation, and off-the-course-worthy style and aesthetics.

The Garmin ecosystem may be more thorough. So if you use multiple Garmin products, keeping all of your data together with the S62 may make sense.

The Voice Caddie T9, on the other hand, retails for a full $150 less than the Garmin S62.

There are no wrong choices here. It simply comes down to which features best fit your preferences.


What is Swing Tempo and Why Is It Important?

Swing tempo refers to the ratio that compares the speed of a golfer’s takeaway and backswing to their downswing and follow through. Golfers are chasing a smooth, rhythmic, repeatable swing. Most players should strive for a swing tempo ratio between 2:1 and 3:1.

Swing tempo data has the potential to be game-changing. Hardly any golfer knows their swing tempo, even though most avid players probably understand its importance. It’s tough to accurately diagnose your swing issues if you don’t have a lock on your swing tempo numbers. The Voice Caddie T9 gives you that data on every swing so that you can use it to get results out of your practice.

Voice Caddie Golf Courses

Reliable yardages, course views, and green maps—wherever you play!

Each Voice Caddie golf GPS watch comes preloaded with more than 40,000 golf courses. Don’t worry: They’ve got you covered wherever you’re playing. And there are no add-on fees at any of the golf courses.

The T9 is one smart watch! It will recognize where you are immediately on any given golf course. That means that instead of the usual drill of having to manually enter your starting tee box if you start somewhere other than on one, the T9 will automatically recognize your location and adjust accordingly

Get updated yardages to front, center, and back of each green and to bunkers and hazards. See a beautiful color display overview of every hole with the ability to zoom in for specifics. And get the best-in-class green undulation heat maps that make reading putts much simpler.

What Is the Voice Caddie Golf App?

Voice Caddie’s MyVoiceCaddie app gives you a central dashboard for all your Voice Caddie data. You’ll get statistics for each round you play plus a detailed scorecard and even notes and photos if you choose.

It’s a lot easier to make progress when you’re charting your performance. The Voice Caddie golf app lets you get as detailed or as big picture as you want. If you’re the type that wants a lot of information, you can keep track of stats like driving distance, greens in regulation, and putts-per-round.

Preview the course you’ll be playing using the Voice Caddie app. You can get golf course rankings and the latest information on the course layout and yardages. And when you’re done with your round, the app gives you the option to share a photo of your scorecard.

What Are the Voice Caddie T9 Specs?

Having the Voice Caddie T9 golf watch is like hiring your local caddie.

This golf watch is absolutely loaded with features that can help you improve your golf game and better enjoy your rounds. There’s a reason—quite a few actually—that the T9 is a legit candidate for best golf watch of 2022.

Among several other things, here’s what you get in the T9:

  • V-Algorithm 3.0 (Automatic Slope Calculation)
  • Practice Tempo Mode
  • Shot and Putt Tracking
  • Green Undulation data (Indicate with map)
  • Course Layout View (Yardages to hazards & bunkers)
  • Color Touchscreen
  • Customizable Pin Placement
  • Course & Green Zoom (2nd level)
  • Putt View - arrow show break direction
  • Completely Fee Free

And here are the T9 specifications:

  • Dimensions/weight: 1.8” x 1.8” x 0.52”/1.7 oz.
  • Color: Black/Gray
  • Display: 1.2” full-touch color LCD
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer/USB 2.0 Rechargeable
  • Battery Life in Watch Mode: 10 days
  • Battery Life in GOlf Mode: 27 holes
  • Preloaded Courses: 40,000+


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