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PIQ Golf is a Golf GPS, Game Stat Tracker and Swing Analyzer All-In-One!
Swing Analyzer: Automatically tracks your tempo, swing pathåäÌÝÌüandåäÌÝÌüclub head speed for every shot
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PIQ Golf - All-In-One GPS, Shot Tracker and Swing Analyzer

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Golf GPS: Get the distances (front, back and middle) for 38,000 courses on the back on your hand
Game Stat Tracker: Effortlessly tracks and records all of your shots and stores the data on the PIQ App

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Product Information

PIQ Golf Sensor For Sale

GPS, Game Tracker and Swing Analyzer ALL-IN-ONE!




PIQ is the ultimate sports tracker. It combines a sensor and a suite of apps that will track all of your sports sessions. The sensor is packed with technology and does magic at reading and recording motions and shocks. The appsåäÛøanalyze and make sense of the data, for precise information at your fingertips!

Golf GPS

With PIQ, get remaining distances to the green - front, middle, and back - directly on the back of your hand. Mobitee has mapped out over 38,000 golf courses around the world, meaning you'll know exactly how far away from the green you are. 

Swing Analyzer

Whether you are at the driving range or on the course, PIQ automatically tracks your tempo, swing pathåäÛøandåäÛøclub head speed for every shot. You can see all the information in real time on your smartphone or save the data to review it later. 

Game Stat Tracker 

PIQ effortlessly tracks and records all of your shots. Each shot - along with the club you've used and the yardage you've covered - isåäÛøstored in the app and is displayed on the satellite imagery of the hole. 


Real-Time Display on the Back of your Hand 

The PIQ sensor fits easily on your glove and displays your distance to the green in real time. You'll get exact measurements without having to take your smartphone out of your bag, and you'll be able to fully concentrate on the game without interruption. 

Mobitee and PIQ app  

Mobitee is the leading app in Europe for avid golf players. Mobitee has mapped out the world of golfing, providing satellite and aerial views of over 38,000 golf courses. Thanks to Mobitee, PIQ is able to know where you are playing: the course, the hole, and your distance to the green. Together, PIQ and Mobitee makes for the perfect golf training aid for players of any level.åäÛÜ 


What’s In The Box?

  • PIQ sensor 

  • PIQFuel battery pack 

  • 18 NFC tags (for golf clubs) 

  • Glove clip (for PIQ sensor) 


With this kit, you'll be ready for your next round of golf. The sensor gathers your data while you play and the PIQFuel allows you to charge the sensor once you're done. Thanks to the clip, you can fasten the sensor on any glove you use. The NFC tags act as ID cards for the clubs in your bag once they're screwed into the grip.

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