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Product Highlights
Attaches over your shoes and features adjustable straps
Comes with the Jim McLean instructional DVD "The Ultimate Learning Experience"
Included alignment rod allows you to easily monitor your stance
Increase power and improve accuracy

PivotPro Golf Training Aid

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GolfJoc Pivot Pro Golf Training Aid

Pivot Like the Pros For More Power and Accuracy

If you struggle to achieve proper footwork, shift your weight correctly, or eliminate sway, the GolfJoc Pivot Pro golf training aid could be the solution you've been searching for. The PivotPro design teaches you the feel of a proper pivot and helps you develop the muscle memory that will allow for a smooth transition onto the course.

The GolfJoc Pivot Pro attaches over the shoe of your back foot with adjustable straps. The angled sole forces you to put your weight on the inside of your foot. The included alignment rod allows you to easily monitor your stance throughout your swing. Plus, it fits right into the slot on the outside of the PivotPro, so there's no sticking it in the ground and moving it every time you move.

By practicing with the Pivot Pro golf training aid, you will learn to stay centered over the ball and develop proper footwork and balance. Better footwork and angling your spine properly will allow you to swing the club along the correct plane and increase the distance your ball travels. Incorporating the alignment rod will make you more aware of hip sway and train you to eliminate it.

The PivotPro is available for right- and left-handed golfers and fits over shoe sizes 7 to 14. It also comes with the Jim McLean instructional DVD "The Ultimate Learning Experience," (a $49 value) which shows you exactly how to use your PivotPro. The DVD also includes a review of the basics, as well as numerous chipping, bunker, swing path and body drills to help you improve your game.

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