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Product Highlights
Offers wrist-based heart rate monitoring
Features six LED optical sensors built right into the watch
Built-in GPS keeps track of your workouts, including pace, distance and altitude
Choose various target distances - 5K, 10K, half-marathon and put in a target date
Monitors your daily movements and recovery time

Polar M430

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POLAR M430 GPS Running Watch


Polar M430 is a GPS running watch with wrist-based heart rate, advanced training features and 24/7 activity tracking - a top-level watch for runners who want more.

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  • POLAR M430

Product Information


Running can be complicated. The concept isn’t overwhelming, but with so many things to learn and keep track of, it quickly becomes more than just putting one foot in front of the other.

Yet while terms like “calories burned”, “pace”, “stride”, “gate” and “threshold” can make running seem tricky, it certainly shouldn’t be. And that’s where GPS running watches come to the rescue. 

Polar has introduced a line of GPS watches: some for overall fitness, others specifically designed for runners. Each comes loaded with features to keep you up to date on your fitness habits, from the ultimate pro to the first-timer.

The Polar M430 advertises itself as a triple-threat device. And taking a look at this watch, it’s clear it’s got the stuff to back up its claims. With state-of-the-art running metrics, an advanced GPS and heart-rate technology, the M430 truly is a complete running watch.

Wrist-Based Heart Rate 

If you’re into running or fitness at all, this is the feature you definitely don’t want to be without. Monitoring your heart rate is so critical when it comes to knowing how effectively you’re working out and keeping an active heart rate is the best way to burn those calories. The M430 offers wrist-based heart rate monitoring. But unique to this device, the M430 features six LED optical sensors built right into the watch, meaning higher levels of accuracy and consistency without the need for an additional chest strap monitor.

Advanced GPS 

Right behind heart-rate monitoring on the list of important running features is a finely-honed GPS. The M430’s built-in GPS keeps track of your workouts, including pace, distance and altitude. And, once you’ve completed your workout, the route you just took will be displayed right on the Polar Flow mobile app so you can map out different locations or, you know, brag to your friends about it.

Running Program

While some of the other features on the M430 are necessities, this one is just downright awesome. With the Polar Running Program, you can choose various target distances – 5K, 10K, half-marathon – and put in a target date. From there, the M430 takes over and helps get you ready for the race. It sounds like a logical feature for GPS watches to have, but trust us, as you do your research, you’ll see just how rare this is for a device to come pre-programmed with this feature. And it makes training so much easier.

Activity Tracking

Along with GPS tracking, the M430 monitors your daily movements. It records steps taken, calories burned and even your sleep patterns, giving you a complete understanding of just how hard you’re working every day.

Recovery Time 

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as working out too much. It may sound crazy, but proper rest and recovery time is key to getting the most out of your workouts. With the M430, you can stay up to date with your recovery status, which shows the time necessary for recovery before you can get back out there and continue training.

Smart Notifications

Don’t worry about having to take out your phone every few minutes. The M430 receives smart notifications right on the device, so your e-mails, texts and other important alerts will be right there on your wrist.

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