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Impact Ball Golf Swing Trainer

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Correct your swing form with the Impact Ball Golf Swing Trainer in Men's, Ladies', or Junior's sizes

Time to say goodbye to common swing mistakes with the Impact Ball golf swing training aid! This tool helps to develop and encourage golfers to aim for coordination between the arms, chest, and body without much restriction. 


The Impact Ball effectively corrects position, lowers handicaps, and boosts concentration to achieve consistent results and improve full swings.

Take a few swings every day and there will be tremendous improvement shown through increased distance by training the body and club to move together through impact, control of direction by squaring the face through proper forearm rotation, a solid strike by getting the handle to lead through impact without scooping the ball, and an improved putting stroke by reducing body movement with the ball between the knees and forearms. By correcting the position of the hands and body at impact, the Impact Ball lowers handicaps and strengthens your golf game.

The Impact Ball prevents several common faults such as flying elbows, chicken wings, scooping the ball, and movement in the lower body when putting. These problems effects 90% of golfers with a handicap of 10 or higher. Correcting these faults, drastically changes ones golf game.

  • Prevents several common faults such as:
    • Flying elbows
    • Chicken wings
    • Scooping the ball
    • Movement in the lower body when putting
  • Easy to use and smoothens full golf swing
  • Helps develop correct muscle memory
  • Impact Ball Golf Swing Trainer

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