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Lag Shot Driver & Wedge Swing Aid Combo

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Groove a driver swing that's on plane with perfect tempo and timing

Unlock your best golf swing and add 20+ yards effortlessly with the lag shot driver + 7 iron combo.


Driver and iron swings are different. That’s why you need both clubs
TrackMan data now shows us that swinging a driver effectively is vastly different from swinging an iron effectively. Setup position is different, swing plane is different, and so on.

You need to master both swings if you want to hit great golf shots from tee to green consistently. That’s what the Lag Shot 7 iron + driver combo can do for you.

  • Add lag naturally and effortlessly. No forced, manufactured, or “mechanical” feels that make your swing worse!
  • Promotes a relaxed grip and smooth “one piece” takeaway (no jerky moves that throw off your swing plane, tempo, or positions).
  • Grooves a fluid, “stress free” transition that automatically stores massive amounts of power without over swinging .
  • More distance means hitting 2 clubs LESS into each green, resulting in shorter birdie putts, easier pars, and lower scores.
  • Greater accuracy on your approach shots, so you can hit a record number of greens in regulation and "play stress-free golf."
  • Driver & 7 Iron Combo

Model: DRIVER & 7 IRON

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