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PlayBetter PREMIUM SERIES Golf Simulator Studio Enclosure Package with Hitting/Putting Mat & Projector

Original price $6,999.00
Original price $6,999.00 - Original price $8,099.00
Original price $6,999.00
Current price $6,400.00
$6,400.00 - $7,600.00
Current price $6,400.00
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Model: Medalist (12' x 6' x 8.5')

Introducing PlayBetter's PREMIUM SERIES golf simulator studio packages, designed for the golfer looking for the absolute highest quality in-home simulation!

With our PlayBetter Premium Home Golf Simulator Studio package, you can create a professional-grade golf simulator experience in the comfort of your own home for an incredible price. This is achieved by utilizing the launch monitor of your selection along with the Golf Driving Range App.


Golf has never been more accessible and enjoyable. With the advent of the PlayBetter Premium  Simulator Studio Packages, golf enthusiasts can now bring the driving range experience right into their homes without incurring the cost of a traditional, expensive simulator installation.

These packages offer flexible solutions that can be adapted to any available space in your house, making it easier than ever before to practice and perfect your game. Whether you're a seasoned golfer looking to stay sharp, or a newcomer looking to pick up the sport, these packages have everything you need to get started.


Sizes and Dimensions:

  • Medalist: 12' x 6' x 8.5'
  • Pro:  14.5' x 6' x 8.75'
  • 1 x PREMIUM SERIES Golf Simulator Studio Enclosure Package
  • 1 x 4x8 Premium Hitting Mat