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SkyCaddie PRO 4X (2024 Model) Handheld Golf GPS

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Blending professional tour insights and laser-accurate precision in a sleek, compact device, the SkyCaddie PRO 4X features TruePoint Precision Positioning Technology, a vivid 4” LCD touch screen, and IntelliGreen Technology, designed for all golfers.

Master your golf game with the SkyCaddie PRO 4X, combining professional tour insights and laser-accurate precision in a compact, user-friendly GPS handheld.

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SkyCaddie PRO 4X Handheld GPS

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Precision Positioning with TruePoint Technology

The SkyCaddie PRO 4X brings unparalleled accuracy to your golfing experience with its TruePoint Precision Positioning Technology.

Utilizing advanced multi-constellation navigation satellite capability, this GPS system ensures pinpoint location accuracy, crucial for making informed decisions about club selection and shot execution.

TruePoint's precise measurements allow golfers to trust their data, leading to improved performance and lower scores. This cutting-edge technology transforms how you approach each shot, providing confidence and precision every step of the way.

Crystal Clear Course Data with Superior Display Technology

Enjoy every moment on the course with the SkyCaddie PRO 4X’s 4” LCD color touch screen. This high-definition display, featuring a resolution of 1080 x 540, offers vibrant, crystal-clear visuals that bring every course detail to life.

The responsive touch screen ensures quick and easy access to all the information needed, from reviewing hole layouts to checking distances and tracking shots.

The superior display technology enhances your ability to make informed decisions, allowing you to focus more on your game and less on struggling with your device.

Comprehensive Course Coverage with Extensive Maps

Step onto any course with confidence, equipped with the SkyCaddie PRO 4X’s extensive map coverage.

Preloaded with over 35,000 professionally verified maps, this device provides the most accurate and detailed course information available. Each map is meticulously verified, ensuring the highest level of accuracy, and allowing you to trust the data for precise shot planning.

This comprehensive map database is ideal for golfers looking to have all the necessary information at their fingertips, whether on familiar courses or new adventures.

Seamless Connectivity with Wi-Fi Capabilities

Stay updated effortlessly with the SkyCaddie PRO 4X's built-in Wi-Fi capabilities.

This feature allows for easy updates and new course downloads without the need for a computer connection, ensuring that your device is always equipped with the latest course data.

The seamless connectivity enhances convenience, making it simple to access new features and updates.

With Wi-Fi capabilities, maintaining your device becomes hassle-free, allowing you to spend more time focusing on your game and less on device upkeep.

Additional Information on SkyCaddie PRO 4X (2024 Model) Handheld Golf GPS


  • Size: 4.5”x 2”x .62” or (116mm x 55.7 x 15.6mm)
  • Screen Size 4”
  • Weight: 5.7 Ounces (164 Grams)
  • Water Resistant
  • Languages: English
  • Hardware Features: Enhanced technology for greater accuracy; Rugged Design
  • 4" LCD high-definition, color, capacitive touch screen with a 1080 x 540 resolution
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • USB-type charging
  • Hi-capacity rechargeable Li-Polymer battery provides up to 18 hours of continuous use!
  • Multi-constellation navigation satellite capability