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Stewart Golf Q/X Series Wheel Set

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This new set of wheels uses a new manufacturing process that provides a durable non-metallic finish and is used on all current production models.

Stewart Golf engineers worked in conjunction with specialist manufacturer Hedgehog to create a set of 4 wheels that would both reduce the weight and further improve the performance of the Q Series and X Series carts.

The weight of the V3 wheelset has been reduced dramatically by 30% from the previous model. This reduces the energy required to accelerate the wheel, and also the energy required to drive the cart once in motion. The effect of this is a reduction in battery consumption which ultimately leads to more holes per charge.

Combine these efficiency gains with the greater traction & stability generated by the flatter profile, lateral tread design, and tire material, and the V3 wheels represent a significant leap forward in performance.

The quick release mechanism allows 'one handed' removal, with just one moving part. The front wheels are designed to match the rears, made from a material that slides laterally over the grass when you steer your cart.

  • Flatter profile
  • Lateral tread design
  • Quick release
  • Q/X Series Wheel Set
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