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Stewart Golf X Series Extended Capacity Lithium Battery (30Ah)

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The extended-capacity lithium battery can be used with X Series carts of all ages.

This battery is designed to be used on longer more hilly-type courses and offers a 30% increase on the standard Lithium Battery.


The battery is protected by a sophisticated battery management system (BMS) that constantly monitors every cell to ensure the battery is always optimized for the best performance and life. It is supplied complete with battery lead and a protective neoprene case.

You will note that the lithium battery is supplied with blue/black connectors, whereas your cart may be fitted with red/black connectors. This change has been made to emphasize the importance of using the correct battery charger with this battery - using the wrong charger could damage the battery.

Is this a 36-hole battery?

We are unable to guarantee that this is a 36-hole battery, but it should be good for 36 holes based on our average measurements. During testing of the battery with the Stewart Golf X9, its average use was 12-15Ah of battery per round of golf. However, there are a number of variables that are in your control as the golfer that will affect consumption. The theory is no different to fuel consumption in a car. Your car may be able to make say 500 miles on a tank of fuel, but equally, if it is driven inefficiently or loaded down, it may only achieve 300 miles sometimes.

  • 18 holes of golf is not a finite measurement. There can be a difference of several miles from a short to a long course (taking the distance between green and tee into account too).
  • Terrain, ground condition, bag weight, and a number of other factors can make a big difference. Imagine running along a flat concrete road as opposed to up a steep sand dune & you'll get the idea.
  • The quality of the golf also affects how far you walk. A golfer shooting 65 will walk a lot less than a golfer shooting 110 and zig-zagging up the fairways! This scenario would also see the steering being used more, which also consumes more power.
  • Type: LiFePO4 (Lithium Phosphate)
  • Voltage: 12.8 Volts nominal, 14.4 Volts fully charged
  • Capacity: 30 Amp hour
  • Weight: 4Kg
  • Life: More than 1000 cycles (see below)
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Management: Internal integrated cell management system
  • Connection: Output Torberry
  • Accessories: Quality fitted soft-touch protection bag
  • In laboratory conditions over 1000 simulated golf cycles, the battery can be expected to lose 15% capacity.
  • The battery can be expected to lose 2-3% capacity per year through cell degradation, compared with a lead/acid battery which can lose 8-9% per year.
  • During testing of the battery with the Stewart Golf X-Series, its average use was 12-15Ah of battery per round of golf.
  • X Series Extended Capacity Lithium Battery (30Ah)