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TecTecTec ULT-S / ULT-S Pro Golf Laser Rangefinder

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No more frustration due to shaky hands or environmental factors

Get fast and precise reading of your target in <1 second with the ULT-S golf rangefinder with Stabilization or the ULT-S Pro with added OLED RED Display.


Unstoppable Rapid Stabilized Measurements
A shaky hand or other environmental factors such as wind, won’t slow down your game with the ULT-S Pro Rangefinder OIS (“Optical Image Stabilization”) technology

Insta-Read Technology
Get a fast precision reading of your target within ± 1 yard in a record 0.3 seconds, through spectacular crystal clear lenses that TecTecTec! is world-renowned for.

Red Toled Display (For ULT-S Pro model only)
Four luminosity settings make the ULT-S Pro Rangefinder readings bright and easily visible in a red font over a variety of backgrounds and in low-light conditions. This rangefinder also has a Fog Mode feature that emits a more powerful laser to take measurements through dense condensation.

Target Lock Technology with Vibration
Lock onto flags instantly at up to 450 yards and hazards at up to 1000 yards. Up to 8 seconds of continuous measurement as you pan across numerous targets, including flagsticks, trees, and hazards. The Target Lock Technology will vibrate at the point you lock onto a target.

Slope Mode
Simply pull the faceplate out to turn the Slope Mode on for calculating distance when there are undulations. Red = Slope ON. A closed faceplate is USGA Tournament Rule 14-3 Compliant.

  • Rapid/Stabilized Measurements
  • Slope and Tournament Modes
  • Insta-Read Technology
  • Target Lock Vibration
  • Single Touch Display
  • Unparalleled Precision
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Water + Dust Resistant / Durable
  • PinSeeker Mode - Zeroes in on Flag
  • Pin Slope Mode - Angle Compensated
  • Scan Mode - Find Multiple Targets Quickly
  • Fog Mode - Adaptive Pin Distinction
  • TOLED RED Display (For the ULT-S Pro model only)
  • ULT-S / ULT-S Pro Rangefinder
  • Zippered Case with a Quick Closure Option
  • CR123 Lithium Battery
  • Wrist Strap
  • Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
  • Instruction Manual

Model: 850025648103

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