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Running Accessories

  • Nathan ExoDraw 18oz Handheld Soft Flask - Steel Grey


    Nathan ExoDraw 18oz Handheld Soft Flask

    Features an ergonomic hand strap for grip-free comfort and ideal running efficiency
    Secured with rigid ExoSpine for superior hand feel and support
    Tailored with a removable hand strap to be used in Nathan hydration vest pockets
    Features a removable neoprene sleeve that offers insulation and a sturdy grip
    Built with an expandable stash pocket for small items or nutrition
    Eligible for 60-Day Returns!
  • Nathan SpeedShot Plus Insulated 12 oz Flask - Cockatoo


    Nathan SpeedShot Plus Insulated 12 oz Flask

    Innovated ergo flask with a new seat-channeled, no-slip grip insert for an easier carry
    Combined 3M reflective fabric offers 360-degree reflectivity for visibility in low-light conditions
    Features a double-wall flask construction that keeps fluids cooler 20% longer than other flasks
    Comes with a fully-adjustable hand strap with chafe-free thumbhole enables grip-free running
    Features an expandable zippered pocket for nutrition, keys, and running essentials
    Eligible for 60-Day Returns!

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