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The Simulator Series Ultimate Package includes: Net Return Simulator Series Net/Impact Screen, Pro Turf Golf Mat, Side Barriers, Sand Bags, Rubber Tees & Carry Duffel

Simulator | Net Return Impact Screen Package

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Includes Net Return Simulator Series (Net, Screen, Side Barriers), Pro Turf & Projector Mount | Ships in 1-5 Business Days **Does not include SkyTrak**
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Product Information

Simulator | Net Return Bundle

What's Included:

Net Return Simulator Series Package


  • Aluminum Frame
  • Commercial-grade netting
  • Impact Screen
  • Rear/Side/Back Valences
  • Side Barriers
  • Sand Bags
Net Return Pro Turf


  • 6'x10' Premium Hitting Turf
Net Return Projector Mount


  • Projector Mount built for Net Return Simulator Series

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