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SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Mat with Ball Return

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  • SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Mat

    Perfect Your Putts in the Comfort of Your Home

    There's a reason so many golfers love the Accelerator Pro Putting Mat by SKLZ: it is specifically designed to help hone your 7-foot, 5-foot and 3-foot putts, three key putting lengths for a solid short game. Well, that's probably the reason for its popularity. It may also have something to do with the adjustable ball return mechanism, the durable true-roll turf surface, the challenge of the uphill grade just before the hole, or the alignment guides that encourage a square putter face.

    Whatever the reason, the Accelerator Pro is a powerfully effective practice mat for golfers of all skill levels. Measuring just over nine feet long (9'2" to be exact) and 12 inches wide, the durable Accelerator Pro features true-roll turf whose edges will not fray or unravel. Placed on a linoleum surface, the mat has a Stimpmeter rating of 11; on a firm rug, the Stimpmeter rating is slightly lower at a 10. The alignment guides are three, five, and seven feet from the hole, with markings behind and in front of each to train you to keep your putter square throughout your stroke. The gravity ball-return mechanism is adjustable to each putting distance; whether you make your shot or not, your ball will always return to just where you are.

    The Accelerator Pro also features an uphill finish. This design teaches you to hit with authority and follow through; this is often referred to as putting 18" past the hole. By practicing with the Accelerator Pro, you'll no longer have to worry that your putt will stop just inches from your target. Instead, you'll be putting with the power needed to send the ball smoothly into the hole.

    Dimensions (putting mat): 9'2" long by 12" wide

    To get the most out of your Accelerator Pro putting mat, pair it with one (or more) of our other vetted putting aids, like the Eyeline Pendulum Putting Rod or Sweet Spot 360.

    Also check out our exclusive Accelerator Pro Bundle, the perfect combination of putting aids, customizable to your personal putting style.


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    truck: This item is eligible for FREE Shipping!
    Valid for U.S. based orders in the contiguous 48 states.
    checkmark: Specifically designed to help perfect your 7-foot, 5-foot, and 3-foot putts
    plus: Features an adjustable ball return and a true-roll turf surface
    plus: After practicing with the Accelerator Pro, you'll be putting with the power needed to send the ball smoothly into the hole
    plus: Pairs well with the Eyeline Pendulum Putting Rod or Sweet Spot 360
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