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Product Highlights
Features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver
Vibrates to complement or replace audible alarms and alerts
Features a 1/100 second chronograph accuracy
Night mode allows easier or automatic activation of the light when you're running at night
Provides Distance, Calories Burned and Pace Alerts

Soleus GPS Turbo Watch

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Soleus GPS Turbo Watch


Everyday is a new run with GPS Turbo. Meet your training goals with the features packed GPS-Turbo - 8 hours of GPS Battery life, 6 interval training sessions, auto pause detection, Pace Partner, vibration alerts, 3 lines of customizable n data, 5 programmable alarms, automatic lap splits, and 100-lap memory (just to name a few).

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Soleus GPS Turbo Watch (Choice of color)

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Soleus GPS Turbo Watch




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