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Comfortable for every foot, regardless of size and shape
Gets rid of bunching in the toe box and blisters
Comes in three different sizes: Zero, One and Twelve

Swiftwick Performance Socks

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Swifwick Performance Socks

Keeping You Comfortable on the Course

A key to good golf is comfort on the course. Swiftwick Performance Socks provide just that and more.  

Swiftwick improves their products to match your athletic demands. By considering smaller feet, the narrow foot and athletic activities that demand compression, such as golf, Swiftwick has produced socks that comfort every foot, regardless of size and shape. The new linked toe technology makes bunching in the toe box, pinky toe torture and blisters a thing of the past. Regardless of your foot's shape or size, the Swiftwick Performance socks keep you comfortable round after round.

The Swiftwick Performance Zero became famous for its ability to provide the wearer with the benefits of a specially designed compression sock while remaining virtually undetectable.

The Swiftwick Performance One goes just above the ankle, and with a linked toe construction, comes with a personalized fit for your foot without the failure points of a toe seem.

The Swiftwick Performance Twelve provides compression and enhances circulation from your feet all the way to your knees, making it a must-have for all athletes.

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