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Train your hands to generate power and control your swing
Includes pocket guide and access to Martin Chuck's entire collection of Tour Striker training videos
Hint: They're really, really good.
One of our best-selling golf training aids!

Tour Striker Educator Golf Swing Trainer

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Tour Striker Educator

Educated hands are the key to great golf

When working to perfect your golf swing, you focus on many different aspects, including your eyeline, rotation and stance.

Well, don’t forget your hands!

The Tour Striker Educator will train your hands and help you figure out “feel vs. real,” showing you how your hands are either helping or hurting your swing. By adding the Educator to the butt of your club, you can learn how to generate power while also controlling your swing.


What are some more benefits of adding a Tour Striker Educator to your toolbox?

* It helps your figure out how to transmit power using your hands.
* You’ll be sure of what your hands are actually doing while you swing.
* You will learn clubface control, making each shot more accurate.
* It can help you figure out how to eliminate frustrating curves, slices and hooks.
* It will help you develop the skills necessary to be deadly around the green.

This invaluable tool will put you one step closer to the perfect swing. Take control now with the Tour Striker Educator!

Want more? You can get the Educator along with the Tour Striker Golf Club and Smart Ball for the perfect golf training aid bundle! Get it here.

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