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Warning: This product will forever change the way you hit irons
Includes access to Martin Chuck's entire collection of Tour Striker training videos (many with Gary McCord)
Hint: They're really, really good.
Tour Striker inventor Martin Chuck: "Less experienced players should definitely start with the 48 wedge whereas lower handicappers should opt for the 7-Iron"

Tour Striker

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Tour Striker Golf Training Aid


The world's easiest and most effective training club to teach golfers the key to solid ball striking; delivering a club with a shallow attack angle and forward shaft lean. The original model, designed in 2008, has been retooled for added balance and stability. The "uniflex" shaft suits most golfers needs. Retrain your swing and strike it like the Pros with the Tour Striker Training Club.

What's Included in the Box?

  • Tour Striker Golf Training Aid

Product Information

Tour Striker Golf Training Aid - 7 Iron & Wedge Available

Hit the Sweet Spot for a Sweet Swing 

"We look at a lot of golf swings on tour, and one thing’s universal to all of them: the impact position. The Tour Striker golf training aid gets you in that position.” -Brian Nelson (HDCP 4)


Invented by PGA teaching professional Martin Chuck, the Tour Striker golf training aid is designed to perfect your impact position and bring your ball striking to the next level. Unlike with other training aids that simply imitate or build up to a proper swing, you will improve your swing and impact position with the Tour Striker just by hitting balls with it. 

tour-striker-new.pngTour Striker 7-Iron: The Tour Striker 7 iron has been created especially for mid-to-high handicap golfers and slower swing speeds (under 90 mph with driver). Unlike a traditional golf club, the distinctive Tour Striker 7 Iron design has an elevated leading edge and reduced clubface area and "sweet spot".

Tour Striker Wedge (48 Wedge): The Tour Striker Wedge was designed to help all players improve their impact position on chips, pitches, punches and full wedge shots. This versatile practice club will help you develop the correct swing and impact to compress and control the myriad of distances required to be a successful wedge player. The Tour Striker 48 Wedge works for players of all swing speeds. Unlike a traditional golf club, the radical Tour Striker 48 Wedge has little club face below the "sweet spot" and gives you the feedback to train you to make a descending strike with forward lean, the fundamentals needed for spin and precise control.

By narrowing the clubface, the club’s “sweet spot” becomes more focused, making the Tour Striker much less forgiving than today’s standard clubs. Combined with an elevated leading edge, it trains you to hit the ball more precisely and consistently on the sweet spot, with the descending motion and forward shaft lean that all professionals possess.

The transfer to your regular clubs is natural, as the Tour Striker has allowed proper impact position to become second nature.

The Tour Striker 7 Iron and 48 Wedge are cast from 433 stainless steel and come with True Temper, Uniflex Steel Shaft.

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