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Lightweight and inflatable ball, making it easy to use anywhere
Use with any type of club
Understand how your arms and body work together for an effective swing

Tour Striker Smart Ball Swing Trainer

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Tour Striker Smart Ball Swing Trainer


The Tour Striker Smart Ball, invented by Martin Chuck, PGA and inventor of the Tour Striker Training Club, is an effective way to train the synchronization of your arms and body. In this video, you'll learn some simple drills to take your game to the next level. Thanks for watching and kindly share.

What's Included in the Box?

  • Tour Striker Smart Ball Swing Trainer

Product Information

Tour Striker Smart Ball

The simple secret to a great swing

There are a lot of elements that go into a golf swing. From your head, feet, torso, hands and arms, it can be hard to make sure everything is working together. The Tour Striker Smart Ball is a simple, yet effective training aid that ensures your arms and body are in sync through impact.   


Lightweight and Portable

The Smart Ball is a light-weight, inflatable ball that is easy to inflate and deflate, allowing you to use it anytime, anywhere. Attach the ball to an adjustable lanyard, allowing it to fit anyone and no longer having to stop your game to pick your ball off the ground. 

Train Your Arms and Body 

By placing the Smart Ball between your arms while you swing, your arms and body work together to lengthen and strengthen your body pivot, ultimately helping you swing through the shot. It can be used either flat, under either armpit, or inflated between your forearms.imgres.jpg

An Effective Golf Swing

It's important to understand how the arms and body work together during an effective golf swing. If you want to become a high-level ball striker, you need to own the rhythm and timing.

The Smart Ball can be used with any club, putter through driver, to achieve a comfortable swing with every club in the bag.   

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