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Targets muscular aches and pains
Perfectly portable for office, home or post-golf course use
Available in standard or extra-firm editions

Trigger Point Grid STK X Handheld Foam Roller

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Trigger Point Grid STK X Handheld Foam Roller


The GRID STK and GRID STK X are an innovation in hand-held foam rollers. Specifically designed with GRID surface and AcuGRIP handles to roll, release and relieve minor aches and pains. The world's first hand-held foam rollers wrapped in patent-pending GRID 3-dimensional surface channels nutrients directly to the tissue for health and mobility. Available in two densities (regular and extra-firm "X").

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Trigger Point Grid STK X Handheld Foam Roller

Product Information

Trigger Point Grid STK X Handheld Foam Roller

Target your pain then roll it away

Trigger Point is in the business of relieving your muscule aches and pains, and the Grid STK X does just that. The stick-shaped Trigger Point is an awesome handheld foam roller that wiill target muscle aches and then relieve them.

The roller is wrapped in GRID, a 3D surface that will channel nutrients directly to your tissue. This will lead to better health and mobility. It also features AcuGRIP technology, so that when you grip it tightly, it will immediately target any stiffness or soreness in your hands. The material's flexibility mimics the movement of a physical therapist's thumb.

The midsection of the foam roller features distrodensity zones, with variable surfances, which will lead to better blood flow.

Get off the floor! This foam roller is perfect to use while standing or sitting.

Its skinny size makes it perfect and portable to carry. Take it to the gym, pack it for a business trip, use it after a round of golf or keep it in your office. The device is water-resistant, making it simple to wipe down and clean.

Available in standard firmness (Orange color) or Grid STK X extra-firm (Black color). 

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