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Targets muscular aches and pains
Portable for travel
Available in standard and extra-firm editions

Trigger Point NANO X Foot Roller

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Trigger Point NANO X Foot Roller


Innovative foam roller specifically designed to increase flexibility and relieve minor muscular aches and pains associated to the foot. The NANO Foot Roller surface provides a systematic approach to blood flow by channeling nutrients directly to the tissue. Designed to mirror the feeling of a massage therapist's fingertips, the NANO Foot Roller is supported by our educational platform that is recognized globally for its effectiveness in the application of myofascial release.

What’s Included in the Box?

  • Trigger Point NANO X Foot Roller

Product Information

Trigger Point NANO X Foot Roller

Roll away your pain

Trigger Point is at it again - and by "it," we mean taking away your pain! Its NANO X Foot Roller will target and relieve minor muscular aches and pains in both your foot and your forearm. The NANO X is twice as firm as the NANO. 


Three-Dimensional Surface

Trigger Point's three-dimensional surface has a variety of widths to replicate the feeling of a massage therapist’s hands. This promotes the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles, ultimately aiding in recovery. 

Pinpoint the Pain

The NANO X's small size allows you to target your area of pain in your foot or forearm while still giving you control of how much pressure you want to apply. The NANO X Foot Roller is ideal for travel, sweat proof and simple to clean.

Choose the Best For You

Trigger Point also has the NANO, which is less firm than the standard NANO X.  

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