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Trigger Point offers free instructional videos for the T-Roller
Relieves muscular aches in pain in legs, arms, chest, torso and neck
Portable size to take anywhere

Trigger Point T-Roller

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Trigger Point T-Roller
Drag, compress and roll away the pain

Trigger Point T-Roller

Do you have a nagging pain or sore muscles after a workout that you just can’t reach with a traditional handheld massage product? Eliminate the soreness with the Trigger Point T-Roller 

The innovative roller from Trigger Point helps target muscular aches in all areas, such as your chest, arms and neck. It will increase your circulation, which then minimizes pain, by rolling along the lines of your arm, neck, torso and leg muscles.

Here’s what sets the product apart from other muscle rollers: 

This unique grip is designed for cute myofascial release. By gripping it, you’ll also receive instant relief from aches in your hand.

The structure of the Trigger Point is built to mimic the movement of a therapist’s thumb.

Roll, compress and drag
Place the AcuGRIP over the muscle. Drag it for pressure relief. Compress it into troubled spots in your neck, arms, chest, legs and feet. Roll it to increase your circulation.

Trigger Point offers video instructions on how to maximize the effectiveness of the T-Roller. See one video above!

This product can be a lifesaver on a business trip, after a long day on the golf course or more. Simply throw the compact roller in your bag!

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