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Perfect holiday gift for any golfer!
Includes red, green, white and yellow Volvik VIVID golf balls with holiday-themed design

Volvik VIVID Special Gift Set Holiday Edition (4-Ball Pack)

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Volvik VIVID Special Gift Set Holiday Edition

The perfect holiday gift for the golfer in your family! Spread the holiday cheer with Christmas and holiday-themed golf balls. 


  • Bright vivid color increases visibility in air and on the ground straighter, more consistent extremely soft feel by matte finish outer layer
  • Improved accuracy off the tee and increased control around the greens enhanced flight optimal spin rates around the green provide 'Stop and Spin' control
  • Designed to maximize distance and performance for golfers with swing speeds between 65-95 MPH
  • Power Core construction creates more powerful driving force through optimized energy transfer
  • Bismuth Control Layer between the cover and core strikes a balance between feel and control
  • Surlyn Crystalline cover with Zirconium Z-I treatment enhances stability and feel at impact
  • 350-Octahedron Dimple Pattern generates greater flight stability and increased hang time

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