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Wellputt Arc-to-Arc 5 Golf Putting Stroke Trainer (Standard)

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Wellputt Arc-to-Arc Putting Stroke Trainer (Standard)

Personnalized putting training aid. This "standard" arc stroke will help you to develop a free, natural and fluid inside/square/inside putting stroke. The standard Arc to Arc 5 offers a perfectly symmetrical putting arc from backswing to finish and has been designed for players that like to have their eyes "inside" the ball at address.arc-standard-schema-1.png

This slightly rounded arc (orange line) has a perfectly symmetrical shape from backswing to finish.

What kind of golfer is the Standard best for?

  • Players who like to have their eyes "inside" the ball at address and that are looking for a fluid and natural putting stroke
  • Players that are using a full toe hang, 3/4 toe hang or 1/2 toe hang putter with a lie that varies from 68 to 70
  • It also fits players using a belly putter


  1. Remove the Arc to Arc 5 from the tube
  2. Unroll the guide Arc to Arc 5 and roll it in the other side.  The material is specific and is engineered with shape retention memory. When you roll it in the other side, it becomes totally flat
  3. Place the Motion Putting Guide Arc to Arc 5 on a flat section of the putting green (outdoor use) or of your house floor (indoor use). On a green, use tees to fix the guide to the floor and to make the exercises; Indoor, used Wellputt slots (sold separately)

Technical specification of the material

  1. Print on sur a material with retention memory, Arc to Arc products can be easily placed and offer a totally flat surface, without deformation when putting
  2. The extremely fine material gives also a perfect use without any hop when the ball is running
  3. Tearproof and totally waterproof , without any condensation effect, this unique material is perfect in any circumstance
  4. Non electrostatic (versus plexiglass or le hard plastic), the surface stay free of impurity
  5. Flexible, it fits easily in a plastic tube and can be carried in the golf bag
  6. Non glossy, it doesn't dazzle and the colors used in the design are chosen in order to avoid eyestrain when prolonged use, especially to the sun

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