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​Garmin Approach S10 vs S20 vs S60 - Comparing Garmin Golf GPS Watches

November 6, 2018 / Team PlayBetter

​Garmin Approach S10 vs S20 vs S60 - Comparing Garmin Golf GPS Watches

Garmin is a major player in the GPS market, often the first brand name people think of when considering GPS devices. Garmin products are highly successful in the world of fitness, and they have made an impact on the golf course too. A golf GPS watch is a great way to get an accurate yardage quickly and easily, and Garmin offers several models within this category. In this post, we are going to look at the Garmin Approach series. We’ll compare the Garmin Approach S10 vs S20 vs S60, so you can find the right device for you.

Garmin Approach S10 - The Base Model

Garmin Approach S10

We’ll start by highlighting the base model in this lineup, the Garmin Approach S10. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the S10 is light on features, however, just because it comes in at the lowest price point. This is still a very capable watch that’s worth your consideration.

Features common to S10, S20 and S60:

  • High-resolution display that’s readable in sunlight conditions
  • Yardages to front, middle, and back of green
  • Keep score directly on the watch
  • More than 41,000 courses pre-loaded
  • Auto-hole advance
  • Layup and hazard distances
  • Manual shot measuring
  • Round summary
  • Digital scorecard
  • Waterproof up to 50 meters

Everything you would expect to find in a quality golf GPS watch is present here. If you aren’t looking for any of the additional bells and whistles included in higher-end models (more on that below), your search may be over right here. The Garmin Approach S10 delivers all of the basic information you need to keep your round on track from the first hole to the last:

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Step It Up With The Approach S20

Garmin Approach S20

If you’re looking for a bit more. The Garmin Approach S20 offers additional features note available in the S10.

Added Features In The S20

  • Automatic shot detection and tracking. Keep track of your shots throughout your game, including distance and location. Note that the S20 may have difficulty tracking putts and chips.
  • Smartphone notifications. With your phone tucked away in your bag or golf cart, you can go on with your round knowing that your watch will notify you if an important message comes through.
  • Club tracking. You can monitor your club usage and your average distances for each. Simply note the club used after each shot, and the watch will apply the distance.
  • AutoShot round analyzer. Through Garmin Connect, you can get comprehensive tracking for all of your shots, distances, and locations. Dive into your game data so you can see what needs to improved (or show off to your friends).
  • Activity Tracking. The S20 takes activity tracking up a notch. Where the S10 only offers an odometer, the S20 provides a pedometer, odometer and sleep monitor.
  • CourseView automatic course updates. Get the latest course data to your watch with no effort from you.
  • Compatible with TruSwing golf swing sensor. Connect your Garmin TruSwing Sensor to your watch for added convenience and metrics.

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Go For The Top-of-the-Line With The Approach S60

Garmin Approach S60

For many players, the value presented with either the S10 or S20 is going to be too much to pass up. However, if you’d like a full-featured experience and don’t mind spending a little extra money, the Garmin Approach S60 is truly an incredible product.

Added Features In The S60

  • Higher Display Resolution. Of the three devices, the S60 offers the highest resolution of 240 x 240 px.
  • Full Color. Full-color touchscreen display gives you a birds-eye view of the course map, along with the relevant distances.
  • Sleeker Look. The S60 offers a sportier look, based on the design of the Garmin Fenix 5.
  • Touch Target. Find distance to a target by simply tapping it on the watch.
  • Additional Activity Profiles. Ability to track performance in a variety of other sports, including running, cycling, swimming, rowing, skiing and more.
  • Enhanced Activity Tracking. In addition to the S20 activity tracking features the Garmin Approach S60 offers vibration alerts, calories burned, step goals and more.
  • Vibrating Notifications. Unlike the S20’s audio notifications, the S60 adds vibration to the mix.
  • Elevation. The PlaysLike Distance feature calculates differences in play style needed based on elevation.

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Garmin Approach S60 vs S20 vs S10 - Comparison Table

Here’s a quick, side-by-side overview of the key features in the Garmin Approach S60 vs S20 vs S10:

Garmin Approach S10 Garmin Approach S20 Garmin Approach S60
Price $149.99 $199.99 $399.99
Colors Available Black Black Black
  Powder Gray White White
  Granite Blue Midnight Teal Premium Black Leather
Shipping Free 2-Day Shipping @ Free 2-Day Shipping @ Free 2-Day Shipping @
Returns Free, 60-Day Returns @ Free, 60-Day Returns @ Free, 60-Day Returns @
What's in the Box Garmin Approach S10 Garmin Approach S20 Garmin Approach S60
  Charging/data cable Charging/data cable Charging/data cable
  Documentation Documentation Documentation


S10 S20 S60
Lens Material N/A chemically strengthened glass Corning® Gorilla® Glass 3
Bezel Material N/A N/A polymer or ceramic
QuickFit™ watch band compatible N/A N/A included (22 mm)
Strap material silicone silicone silicone or leather
Physical size 35.5 x 40.7 x 11.3 mm 37.4 x 47.6 x 11.3 mm 46 x 46 x 14.5 mm
Touchscreen X X Y
Display size 0.9" x 0.9" (23 x 23 mm) 0.9" x 0.9" (23 x 23 mm) 1.2" (30.4 mm) diameter
Display resolution 128 x 128 pixels 128 x 128 pixels 240 x 240 pixels
Display type sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP) sunlight-visible, transflective memory-in-pixel (MIP)
Weight 1.2 oz (35.0 g) 1.5 oz (42.2 g) standard: 1.8 oz  (52 g)
      premium: 2.2 oz (61 g)
Battery life Watch mode: Up to 14 weeks Smartwatch mode: Up to 8 weeks Smartwatch mode: Up to 10 days
  GPS mode: Up to 12 hours GPS mode: Up to 15 hours GPS mode: Up to 10 hours
Water rating 5 ATM 5 ATM 5 ATM
Color display X X Y
Memory/History 64 MB 64 MB 1 GB

Clock Features

S10 S20 S60
Time/date Y Y Y
GPS Time Sync Y Y Y
Automatic daylight saving time Y Y Y
Alarm clock X Y Y
Timer X Y Y
Sunrise / Sunset Y Y Y


S10 S20 S60
Accelerometer X Y Y
Compass X X Y
Gyroscope X X Y

Daily Smart Features

S10 S20 S60
Connectivity N/A Bluetooth® Smart and ANT+® Bluetooth® Smart and ANT+®
Connect IQ™ (downloadable watch faces, data fields, widgets and apps) X X Y
Smart notifications X Y Y
Calendar X X Y
Weather X X Y
Controls smartphone music X X Y
Find My Phone X X Y
VIRB® Camera Remote X X Y
Smartphone compatibility N/A iPhone®, Android™ iPhone®, Android™
Compatible with Garmin Connect™ Mobile X Y Y

Golfing Features

S10 S20 S60
Preloaded with 41,000 courses worldwide Y Y Y
Yardage to F/M/B (distance to front, middle and back of green) Y Y Y
Yardage to layups/doglegs Y Y Y
Measures shot distance (calculates exact yardage for shots from anywhere on course) Y Automatic Automatic
Digital scorecard Y Y Y
Custom targets X X Y
Stat tracking (strokes, putts per round, greens and fairways hit) X Y Y
Garmin AutoShot™ X Y Y
Full vector map X X Y
Auto CourseView updates X Y Y
Green View with manual pin position X Y Y
Hazards and course targets Y Y Y
PinPointer X X Y
PlaysLike distance X X Y
Touch-targeting (touch target on display to see the distance to any point) X X Y
Handicap scoring X X Y
SwingTempo X X Y
Tempo Training X X Y
TruSwing™ compatible X Y Y
Round timer/odometer Y Y Y

Activity Tracking Features

S10 S20 S60
Step counter X Y Y
Move bar (displays on device after a period of inactivity; walk for a couple of minutes to reset it) X Y Y
Auto goal (learns your activity level and assigns a daily step goal) X Y Y
Sleep monitoring (monitors total sleep and periods of movement or restful sleep) X Y Y
Calories burned X Y Y
Distance traveled X Y Y
Intensity minutes X X Y
TrueUp™ X Y Y

Fitness Equipment/Gym

S10 S20 S60
Available gym activity profiles N/A N/A Indoor Rowing

Training, Planning and Analysis Features

S10 S20 S60
GPS speed and distance X X Y
Customizable data pages X X Y
Auto Pause® X X Y
Auto Lap® X X Y
Customizable alerts X X Y
LiveTrack X X Y
Touch and/or button lock X X Y
Auto scroll X X Y
Activity history on watch X X Y

Heart Rate Features

S10 S20 S60
HR zones X X yes (with compatible accessory)
HR alerts X X yes (with compatible accessory)
% HR max X X yes (with compatible accessory)
% HRR X X yes (with compatible accessory)

Running Features

S10 S20 S60
Available run profiles X X Running, Indoor Running
GPS-based distance, time and pace X X Y
Foot pod capable X X Y

Outdoor Recreation Features

S10 S20 S60
Available outdoor recreation profiles N/A N/A Skiing, Snowboarding, XC Skiing, Stand Up Paddleboarding, Rowing

Cycling Features

S10 S20 S60
Available cycling profiles N/A N/A Biking, Indoor Biking
Time/distance alerts (triggers alarm when you reach goal) N/A N/A Y
Speed and cadence sensor support (with sensor) N/A N/A yes

Swimming Features

S10 S20 S60
Available swim profiles N/A N/A Pool Swimming
Pool swim metrics (lengths, distance, pace, stroke count/rate, calories) N/A N/A Y
Swim efficiency (SWOLF) N/A N/A Y

The Next Step

At this point, you should have a pretty good understanding of how these three watches compare to one another. So, which one is right for you? That’s going to depend on a few different factors. You’ll need to think about how much money you would like to spend on this purchase, and how many features you would like to utilize.

No matter which of the three you decide to purchase, one thing is clear. Each of these three models can make for a great companion on the course. You’ll have the accurate yardages you need to make good club selections and play the game with confidence. For a great price and excellent customer service, order your Garmin Approach watch of choice from PlayBetter today.