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The Foresight Sports QuadMAX on a table at the 2024 Golf PGA Show

Foresight Sports QuadMAX Space Requirements – How Much Space Do You Need? [Home Golf Simulator Guide – Full Indoor/Outdoor Specs]

There's no question that the QuadMAX is the holy grail of golf launch monitors. But is it right for your home golf simulator space? Let's find out below!

The undisputed new benchmark in golf launch monitors is the Foresight Sports QuadMAX. No other product delivers as much and as accurate data to go along with newfound game-improvement features.

And for indoor golf simulator users who may be tight on space, the benefits of the QuadMAX are even greater.

Not only can you have the very best golf simulator, but you can use it in a much smaller room than what you’d need with some competing products.

How small of a room?

Let’s find out with our Foresight Sports QuadMAX room-size recommendations.

How Much Indoor Space Do You Need for a Foresight Sports QuadMAX Golf Simulator?


The Foresight Sports QuadMAX launch monitor on a display table with people around at the 2024 PGA Show


It used to be that when you flipped on the TV and watched the pros warm up on the range, they were all using a Trackman.

And because home users who want the best usually want what the pros use, Trackman likewise was the gold standard for an ultimate golf simulator studio.

The problem was that to use a Trackman, which tracks the golf ball using Doppler radar, you need an awfully large room. Radar units generally require at least 14 feet of room depth, though at least 21 feet is preferable. For a lot of people, even those who wanted and could afford the best, room size was a real issue.

But that all started to change with the Foresight Sports GCQuad, which added a fourth camera and even more data and features to the already incredibly accurate three-camera Foresight Sports GC3. Suddenly, there was a challenger to the Trackman throne, and more and more pros began using GCQuads out on the range because of their ball and club data accuracy.

And for the indoor sim golfers that followed suit, a new opportunity arose. Because the GCQuad uses cameras rather than radar to track shots and sits to the side of the ball rather than behind it, people didn’t need nearly as large of a room for the very best golf launch monitor that money could buy.

Now, all of those performance and space-saving advantages have reached an entirely new level. The already awesome GCQuad has evolved into a new benchmark with the QuadMAX, which adds:

  • Touchscreen Display
  • Swing Speed Training
  • MyTiles - Customizable Data Display
  • On-Device Session Storage
  • Additional On-Device Data Parameters
  • Design Improvements and Enhanced Portability
  • Larger Battery
  • Decreased Weight
  • New Ergonomic Handle
  • NFC Compatibility

The QuadMAX is absolutely loaded! And while there’s a lot that’s new with this product, what hasn’t changed is the space required to use one.

While room size requirements, especially ceiling height, will vary depending on the height and swing length of the golfer, here are our room-size recommendations for comfortably using a Foresight Sports QuadMAX indoors:

  • 10 feet wide
  • 10 feet deep
  • 9 feet tall

Please note that while most golfers will be able to use a QuadMAX with these room dimensions, you should consider these measurements our minimum recommendations.

For example, if you’re using the absolute best golf launch monitor for your indoor golf simulator, there’s a good chance you’re going to want an equally premium enclosure and impact screen. sells turnkey simulator packages in options that are 10 feet wide, 12 feet wide, or 13 feet wide. While you certainly can use a QuadMAX with a 10-foot wide enclosure, you may want the better luxury and larger image that something like the 13-foot-wide option provides.

As for ceiling height, you of course need to be able to swing the driver without the risk of putting holes in your ceiling. Taller golfers with longer swings may need more than 9-foot ceilings, while shorter golfers will require less. Our advice is to swing your driver (slowly at first) in the space you’re planning to use to see if you have enough clearance. It’s important not to skip this step before making a purchase.

For all the space-saving advantages that the QuadMAX has over the Trackman or other radar units like the FlightScope Mevo+ and Mevo+ Limited Edition, there is one potential drawback to understand.

The Tradeoff of the Space-Saving Foresight Sports QuadMAX Golf Launch Monitor

For as great as it is that the set-to-the-side QuadMAX means you won’t need as large of a room, it also means that if you’re playing indoor simulator golf with both righties and lefties, you’ll need to move the QuadMAX back and forth.

With a launch monitor that sits or is mounted behind the ball, you can stand on either side of the ball without having to move the launch monitor. Conversely, with the QuadMAX, if you switch from a righty to a lefty, you’ll need to move the golf launch monitor to the opposite side of the ball. That’s certainly going to disrupt the rhythm of a simulated round of golf and is not something you’re going to want to have to do regularly.

So while there’s no disputing the incredible performance of the QuadMAX and the space-saving benefits it provides, it is important that you consider who is likely to use your golf simulator studio. Will you regularly play with both righties and lefties? If so, the QuadMAX could present some challenges. An option like the Foresight Sports Falcon might be preferable.

Is the Foresight Sports QuadMAX a Good Indoor Golf Simulator Option?

If you want the absolute best, you want the QuadMAX. Period. End of story.

If it’s accurate enough for the pros, you know it’s accurate enough to deliver incredibly realistic simulator golf. And it does.

To go along with an unmatched array of ball and club data metrics, you get a full-blown golf simulator that includes:

  • FSX Play Software
  • FSX 2020 Software
  • 25 Golf Courses
  • FSX Pro Performance Software
  • Awesome Golf - Lifetime Membership
  • Foresight Fairgrounds

And, perhaps best of all, you don’t need a massive room to use a QuadMAX.

If you have the budget and if you’re not planning to regularly host both righties and lefties, the Foresight Sports QuadMAX is as good as you can do.

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