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Garmin Approach R10 vs FlightScope Mevo | Golf Launch Monitor and Simulator Comparison

We Compare the Garmin Approach R10 with the FlightScope Mevo/Mevo+ Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator

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Not so long ago, golf launch monitors and home golf simulators were a pipe dream for amateur golfers. But high-tech, industry leading golf brands like FlightScope and Garmin are designing personal golf launch monitors and home simulators along with amazing software that allow average golfers to practice and play with pro-grade devices.

Avid golfers no longer have to spend tens of thousands of dollars for a virtual golf setup in their home. Thanks to top brands and devices like FlightScope Mevo/Mevo+ and Garmin Approach R10 golf launch monitors and simulators, you can analyze your swing, work on your weaknesses, and have fun doing it!

Keep reading for our Flightscope Mevo vs Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor and simulator comparison, so you can see what features you can expect when you invest in one of these game-changing golf gadgets.

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What Is a Golf Launch Monitor?

A Device that Measure Aspects of Ball Flight

A portable golf launch monitor can give you detailed information about ball speed, launch angle, launch direction, spin, smash factor, hang time, distance, etc. This data can point you toward what you need to work on in your swing and can also help with custom fitting clubs.

How a Golf Launch Monitor Works

The two most common technologies in personal launch monitors are Doppler radar sensors and camera technology. They record data at swing impact and use algorithms to provide a range of data and projections about you shot.  

Who Should Get a Launch Monitor?

Any golfer serious about improving their game should consider using a golf launch monitor. Many golf launch monitors now pair with devices and apps to help you analyze your shot, compete and share stats, and ultimately improve.

What Is a Home Golf Simulator?

A Virtual Golf World

A golf simulator is an advanced computerized setup that allows you to play and practice golf indoors in a virtually simulated golf environment. Designed to mimic the real game, it can help you analyze your swing, spot your weaknesses, practice anytime, and improve your game without leaving home.

Why Get a Golf Simulator?

Golf simulators allow you to play golf anytime, anywhere in a controlled environment without restrictions on time, place or weather. You can even virtually experience famous golf courses that you may not have the opportunity to play on in real life!

Who Are Golf Simulators For?

Pros golfers and amateurs alike can use home golf simulators. Pros like them because they can play on certain courses several times and get to know them before they go compete. Before SkyTrak golf launch monitors and simulators, indoor setups cost anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000. Now they are affordable for all kinds of golfers.


The Garmin Approach R10 Portable Launch Monitor and Golf Simulator — A Definite Game-Changer!

This New Garmin Golf Gadget Is Revolutionary ...

... so let's start there. We're just going to say it: The Garmin Approach R10 portable golf launch monitor and simulator is only $600 and has so many more features and advantages than any other portable launch monitor.

Here's what the Garmin Approach R10 golf launch monitor offers that others—including the FlightScope Mevo/Mevo+— do not:

  • More precision with metrics such as launch direction, club path, face angle, angle of attack, swing tempo, and apex height.
  • Game modes with rich visual graphics.
  • Garmin's own simulation on over 41,000 courses worldwide.
  • Multi-player games and challenges
  • Measures horizontal and vertical launch angles and estimates spin based on club path and horizontal movement
  • The Garmin Approach R10 gets 10 hours of battery life, which is not as much as some golf launch monitors, but is still twice as much as SkyGolf's SkyTrak launch monitor and golf simulator.
  • Like all Garmin devices, the Approach R10 is water resistant—with a water rating of IPX7.

What Is Club Path?

Until the Approach R10, Club Path was a feature only offered in the most expensive launch monitor units—e.g., Ernest Sports ES16 Tour ($5,500) and OptiShot Ball Flight ($5,995). The Garmin Approach R10 is your personal golf launch monitor for only $600!

Club Path is a metric that measures the direction of the movement of the club head at the moment of impact of the golf ball. "In to out" (for a right-hander) would result in a movement outward to the right at the moment of impact giving a positive club path. "Out to in" would move inward to the left, resulting in a negative club path.

Other factors to consider in your shot shape are face angle and angle of attack, which the Approach R10 also provides.

With these Club Path metrics alone, one can see how the Garmin Approach R10 portable launch monitor will be changing the game for golfers—and the industry.

But that's not all the golf features this golf launch monitor and simulator has to offer—not by a long shot!

Breakdown of the Approach R10 Golf Launch Monitor Metrics:

Measured Metrics:
    • Ball speed (+/- 1mp)
    • Launch angle (+/- 1 degree)
    • Launch direction (+/- 1 degree)
    • Club head speed (+/- 3mph)
    • Club path (+/- 2 degrees)
    • Back swing and down swing times (+/- 0.05 sec)
    • Angle of attack (+/- 1 degree)
Other Metrics Shown from Calculations of R10:
    • Club face angle (+/- 2 degrees)
    • Spin rate
    • Spin axis
    • Observed ball flight range
Metrics Shown in the Golf App:
    • Carry distance (+/- 5 yards)
    • Total distance (+/- 10 yards)
    • Smash factor
    • Swing tempo
    • Apex height (+/- 10 feet)

More Approach R10 Golf Launch Monitor Features:

    • Work to improve your game at home, indoors, or on the driving range with a portable launch monitor.
    • Track key metrics when paired with a compatible smartphone with the Garmin Golf app to help better your shot consistency, including club head speed, ball speed, swing tempo, ball spin, launch angle, and more.
    • Understand your golf strengths and areas for improvement by using training mode, which tracks stats for each club and shows a shot dispersion chart based on estimated ball flight using the Garmin Golf app.
    • See and analyze your own swing with automatically recorded video clips that include the metrics of that swing when paired with a compatible smartphone with the Garmin Golf app.
    • With an active subscription and the Garmin Golf app, play virtual rounds on over 42,000 courses around the world and take part in a weekly tournament with scores posted to our global leaderboard.
    • Included phone mount easily attaches to a golf bag for better viewing and easier interaction with the Garmin Golf™ app.
    • Enjoy more time on the range with up to 10 hours of battery life.

What's in the Approach R10 Box?

    • Approach R10 Unit
    • Tripod Stand
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Phone Mount
    • Carry Case
    • Documentation

What You Get with the FlightScope Mevo/Mevo+ Launch Monitor and Simulator

What Is the FlightScope Mevo?

Mevo stands for:

M — Measure your numbers

E — Evaluate your game

V — Visualize your improvement

O — Optimize your performance

The Mevo is FlightScope's indoor/outdoor 3D Doppler radar-based launch monitor. You get accurate parameters and features to help you improve your game.

Mevo Launch Monitor Features

      • 8 accurate performance data parameters
      • Action video clips with data overlay
      • Dial in your distances indoors and outdoors
      • Save, upload, and share each practice session
      • Rechargeable battery
      • Bluetooth connectivity
      • Works with free FlightScope Golf app

FlightScope Mevo Parameters Include:

    • Carry Distance
    • Club Head Speed
    • Smash Factor
    • Apex Height
    • Flight Time
    • Ball Speed
    • Spin Rate
    • Vertical Launch Angle

What Is the Mevo+

Mevo+ adds the power of Mevo with more data, more features, simulation, and gamification.

Mevo+ Launch Monitor and Simulator Features Include All the Mevo features PLUS:

    • 8 Additional accurate data parameters
    • 5 Simulated golf courses (iOS only)
    • 17 practice ranges
    • Internal camera for easy target alignment
    • Wi-Fi hotspot provides a reliable connection

FlightScope Mevo+ Parameters:

    • Carry Distance
    • Club Head Speed
    • Smash Factor
    • Apex Height
    • Flight Time
    • Ball Speed
    • Spin Rate
    • Vertical Launch Angle
    • Horizontal Launch Angle
    • Lateral Landing
    • Angle of Attack
    • Total Distance
    • Roll Distance
    • Spin Axis
    • Spin Loft
    • Shot Shape

Mevo+ includes an iOS simulation software package. The iOS package includes 5 simulated golf courses including Aviara, Stone Canyon, Wade Hampton, Sanctuary, and the Belfry as well as 17 practice ranges and online events.

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