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New Garmin Golf Watch Announced: Introducing the Approach S70

Everything You Need to Know About this Garmin Golf GPS Watch

The new Garmin Approach S70 golf GPS watch, released on Tuesday, May 23, 2023, features a brilliant AMOLED display.

Already known for their advanced golfing features, Garmin provides even more of an edge in this latest in the Approach GPS golf watch lineup. The tech titan has improved Virtual Caddie and enhanced PlaysLike distance—and now golfers can pan and zoom over 43,000+ golf course maps in greater detail using a vibrant AMOLED touchscreen.

Along with helping you hone your strategy on the course, the Approach S70 has bumped up its game as a daily smartwatch as well, with more activity profiles and on-watch music for phone-free listening.

Read on to find out why this is, unequivocally, the best golf watch of 2024.

Watch a Garmin Approach S70 Review—Gabe Breaks ALL the Features Down!

Garmin Approach S70 Benefits Quick List

  • NEW! This top Garmin Golf Watch is now available in 2 sizes: 42 mm (1.2” display) and 47 mm (1.4” display).
  • NEW! A bright AMOLED display!
  • NEW! Lighter, stylish design!
  • Even more golf courses—over 43,000 worldwide!
  • Detailed golf course maps you can pan and zoom over.
  • Improved Virtual Caddie helps you select the right club based on even more key factors!
  • Enhanced PlaysLike Distance (slope-compensated distance) now factors in air pressure and temperature.
  • Green Contour (available with Garmin Golf membership) shows you the green’s slope direction and severity, so you can plan your approach more accurately.
  • NEW! You can now download music onto your golf watch!
  • Get even more activity profiles for your workouts: running, yoga, strength training, and much more.
  • Plus, you still get AutoShot for shot distance and can keep score on the Garmin Golf app.
  • Garmin Pay, smart notifications, robust health-monitoring, and activity tracking make this an essential smartwatch off the course, too!
  • Battery life is still the best in the industry:
    • Approach S70 47 mm: 16 days smartwatch/20 hours GPS
    • Approach S70 42 mm: 10 days smartwatch/15 hours GPS

Compare the Approach S70 to other Garmin Golf Watches

A Garmin Golf Watch with an AMOLED Display—in Two Sizes!

In recent years, Garmin has rolled out several GPS watches with brighter, eye-catching AMOLED displays, including the epix (Gen 2), the Venu 2 Plus, the Forerunner 265 and Forerunner 965 running watches.

But this is a first for an Approach golf GPS watch.

And where better to make the screen richer and brighter, than on a golfer’s wrist?! Course details, views of your target, GPS distances, and green contours pop on this golf watch!

And now, you can get the size that’s right for you. The Approach S70 is available in two sizes.

The smaller 42 mm Approach S70 has a 1.2” touchscreen display and comes in two color choices: Black Ceramic Bezel with Gray Silicone Band and Black Ceramic Bezel with White Silicone Band.

This smaller option is superlight on your wrist at just 44 grams and has a battery life of 10 days in smartwatch mode and 15 hours in GPS mode.

For lovers of larger golf watches, the 47 mm Approach S70 has a 1.4” touchscreen display and is available in Black Ceramic Bezel with Black Silicone Band.

It weighs 56 grams, a few grams lighter than the previous Garmin Approach S62. This larger model will give you 16 days in smartwatch mode and 20 hours in GPS mode.

Now anyone can get a stylish golf GPS watch with all the most advanced Garmin golf features in the size they prefer.

Enhanced Golf Features on the Garmin Approach S70

Garmin Approach S70 (42 mm)

Garmin Approach S70 (47 mm)

Garmin has been the most popular brand in golf GPS watches for a reason: they offer the most advanced reliable golf features.

It’s no secret that the Garmin Approach S62 has topped many a golf review’s list since it was released in 2020.

With fast, spot-on GPS (what Garmin does best!) and advanced course management technology, it’s a hard brand to beat.

But, once again, Garmin has elevated their game. Here’s where the advanced golf tech gets even better!

Improved Virtual Caddie

This was already a phenomenal feature to begin with—like having your very own caddie that knows your game and the course.

Improved virtual caddie shows your shot dispersion data and suggests a club based on a variety of factors, including your historical swing data, elevation, wind speed, wind direction, layout of the hole, and more.

Get Slope Distances on Your Golf Watch

Enhanced PlaysLike Distance feature accounts for uphill shots, downhill shots and trajectory and now factors in wind, temperature, and air pressure with a built-in barometer—for more accurate plays like distances.

The Most Course Maps on Your Wrist (And with an AMOLED Display!)

Garmin now brings over 43,000 preloaded full-color CourseView maps to life on its golf watches and handhelds! Play where you want—the Approach S70 will recognize the course when you get close!

Get Strategic with Green Contours 

Plan the best approach shot, and sink the putt with green contour data—which shows you the green’s slope direction and severity on select courses (available with an active Garmin Golf™ app membership—$9.99 per month or $99.99 per year).

More Golf Features on the Approach S70

Get Shot Measurement—Automatically!

AutoShot round analyzer measures and auto-records detected shot distances and pairs with optional Approach® CT10 club tracking sensors for more automatic game-tracking capabilities, including detecting putts and chips.

Read an article on how AutoShot works.

Green View

The Green View feature gives you each green’s true shape from wherever you are on the course, and it allows you to drag-and-drop the pin for greater accuracy.


When on blind shots, the PinPointer feature will tell you the direction of the pin so you can make the most of each swing.

Hazard View

This feature allows you to quickly scroll through each hazard on the map and get critical distance information so you know what to avoid.

Garmin Golf App Benefits

The Garmin Golf app allows you to compete, compare, and connect with friends and fellow golfers and is free to use for most features, including:

  • Your Clubs Stats, including what you usually hit and the max you’ve ever hit.

  • Course Stats.

  • Device Sync with compatible Garmin devices.

  • Leaderboards and tournaments.

  • Performance Stats for additional analysis of your shots.

  • Scorecard history.

  • Strokes gained.

There’s a Smartwatch in Your Garmin Golf Watch!

The Garmin Approach S70 is also a 24/7 fitness smartwatch loaded with a robust suite of health-monitoring, smart features, activity tracking, and sport apps.

Improve your strength and mobility with preloaded activity profiles for strength, yoga, cardio, and more so you can hit the ball farther and prevent injuries.

Get a more complete picture of your health with wrist-based heart rate, stress tracking, Body Battery™ energy monitoring, advanced sleep monitoring and more so you can perform your best on the course.

Pay for your food at the turn with Garmin Pay™ contactless payments (with a supported payment card); listen on the go when you download songs and playlists from Spotify, Amazon Music or Deezer (subscription may be required).

Garmin Approach S70 Price

With the addition of the AMOLED display, price will be a consideration with this golf watch.

The 42 mm Approach S70 costs $649.99.

The 47 mm Approach S70 price is $699.99.

See more of the Garmin Approach S70!

Is the Garmin Approach S70 Golf GPS Watch for You?

If you’re looking for a high-end golf GPS watch, the new Approach S70 is going to tick every box in terms of features, style, wearability, and versatility.  

Nothing beats a Garmin golf watch for course management. You are going to make better decisions if you use the amazing features on this watch.

Plus, this GPS watch adds a ton of value off the course. You can use it for your workouts, to monitor your sleep and stress, to listen to your favorite tunes without getting your phone out, check your calendar, the weather … the list goes on.

And it doesn’t look like a golf-only watch. It adds style to your wrist on the course, at work, at dinner. And the AMOLED display is a real eye-catcher.

If you want the best golf watch of 2024—look no further than the Garmin Approach S70.

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