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Swing Caddie SC300i Golf Launch Monitor Review
What You Should Know Before You Buy

It’s always best to know what to expect when you decide to invest in a new piece of golf technology. If you’re in the market for a professional grade launch monitor or golf swing analyzer, you’re in luck! We're highlighting our partner Let's Play Thru's wonderful unboxing and review video on the Swing Caddie SC300i portable golf launch monitor.

Check out the video next door or read on to find out:

What’s in the Box?

Here’s what to expect when your SC300i portable golf launch monitor from Voice Caddie arrives and you unbox it.

First, you’ll pull out the box which is inside a sleek, black protective sleeve sporting the product image. Inside that, you’ll find the heavier inner box, white and embellished with the Voice Caddie logo. All in all — stylish packaging, indicative of product class and especially nice if you’re sending it as a gift to your favorite golfer.

Inside the product box you’ll find:

    • A bag of 2 rubber USB protectors
    • An instruction booklet
    • The remote (with buttons for club selection, volume for the voice output, setting loft, target and more!)
    • The launch monitor unit (with a screen protector that depicts an example of the monitor display)
    • USBC connection cables

When you first remove the unit, you’ll notice that it’s heavier than it looks, indicating that it’s not cheaply made.

Next, it’s time to set up the Swing Caddie app, so you can get real-time data feedback on your mobile device or download your swing data after your session.

MySwingCaddie App Setup

(Psst … Do It Before You Get out on the Range)

We highly recommend setting up your app at home before heading out to use your new SC300i golf launch monitor. You don’t want to be fumbling with firmware updates or entering the loft for each club while you’re on the driving range. Here’s some quick tips:

    1. When the app asks for your user ID, enter the email you used to register your Swing Caddie. Also, you can use a social login.
    2. A firmware update may be required, which could take about 10 minutes.
    3. You will need to manually enter the loft of each club.

Once you’re set up, the app is pretty straightforward. And if you follow these tips, you can certainly avoid any setup frustration.

Testing the Swing Caddie SC300i on the Driving Range

Keep in mind, the SC300i golf launch monitor needs to be behind you, at the level you are hitting at. If you’re using a mat, you will need to set it up on something. You can use the box it comes in or its portable hard case, if you opted to bundle that into your purchase.

When tested on the driving range, both against the wind and with the wind, the SC300i proved to have extremely good accuracy. When checked against a rangefinder, it was within 1 or 2 yards of the flag.

Additionally, the remote made it easy to switch up clubs and the Voice Caddie announced every shot. In 55 swings, the SC300i did not fail to announce the distance once.

Oh, and another thing: The Swing Caddie SC300i can also be used in a golf simulator environment.

Data Analysis in the App

And the fun continues off the range with in-depth analysis of your shot.

After your session, when you load the Swing Caddie app, it will tell you that you have shots to download, as long as your SC300i is close by.

You can immediately see your stats by club. This gives you average yards per club. From there you can select each club and view the stats for each individual club. Like on the launch monitor display, the data includes Carry/Total Distance, Smash Factor, Launch Angle, Swing Speed, Apex (Max Height) and Ball Speed.

Most of these are common data metrics found in golf launch monitors, with two exceptions. The Launch Angle and Apex data metrics are not-so-common-features, and are a brilliant addition to data analysis when you’re practicing indoors and can’t see your launch angle or the height that you hit the ball.

But as an added bonus, there’s another surprise data metric found only inside the app. When viewing the data on your swings, you can get spin numbers as well.

While the SC300i golf launch monitor allows you to measure your swing in multiple ways, the app allows you to view your data in multiple ways. You can get side-by-side club comparison, compare sessions by date, see data by distance, get data overlay on a video recording of your swing, and more!  

The Takeaway on Voice Caddie's SC300i Portable Launch Monitor

It’s mind-blowing that this professional-grade golf technology is now available to anyone. The Swing Caddie SC300i has some pretty sweet bonus features you won’t find in other portable launch monitors or golf swing analyzers for this price.

Most importantly, the data is accurate and the MySwingCaddie app allows golfers to dial in to that data in a variety of ways and see where their swing needs improvement. If you want to find your weaknesses, strengthen your swing, and improve your overall golf game, we highly recommend the Swing Caddie SC300i golf launch monitor by Voice Caddie. The professional-grade accuracy and analysis is just a no-brainer for the not-high-end price tag!

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